Release Highlights for Asset Manager Browser 1.2

Updated February, 2018

Asset Manager Browser 1.2 brings the following new features and updates:

  • Asset Manager Browser can now be switched to one of the following languages:

    • English (en)

    • French (fr)
    • German (de)
    • Italian (it)
    • Spanish (es)
    • Japanese (ja)
    • Korean (ko)
    • Russian (ru)
  • The user interface is redesigned in order to comply with the Micro Focus style.

  • The PDF designer is now compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
  • Certificates provided by AMB is encrypted with SHA256 algorithm.

  • AM Push Adapter Monitoring panel is removed.

  • Slack integration is removed.

Previous releases

Asset Manager Browser 1.1 Update 2:

  • Embedded Apache Tomcat is upgraded to version 8.0.44 in AMB REST Server.

  • The All Versions tab is disabled in the About window.

Asset Manager Browser 1.1 Update 1:

  • Enhanced compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.

  • Grommet chart is replaced with chartJs.

  • Loading icon is added for tasks that may take a long execution time.

  • AQL type calculated fields are supported in views.

  • User can be notified when a non-indexed field is selected for a searchable field.

  • Index label is added beside the indexed field in view builder.

  • "Sync view" is added to update view schema data.

  • A download interruption issue that happens when exporting many records to CSV is fixed.

  • The following configurable parameters are exposed for the "export to CSV" function:

    • limit
    • request_timeout
    • response_timeout
  • Some usability issues are fixed.

Asset Manager Browser 1.1:

  • UI and style adjustments.

  • Insight is set as the homepage, global search is moved to the header.

  • New modules: SAM and My Assets. On the user menu, My Assets is the default module for end users.

  • A new topology display mode is added in order to display records in Viewer. Custom icon is supported.

  • Records in Viewer can be exported to a PDF (report and barcode), customization is supported.

  • You can now configure condition drill down (Graph to View).

Asset Manager Browser 1.0 Update 1:

  • Customized settings of Viewer can be saved in web browser.
  • A confirmation box appears when you try to leave the page with unsaved data (Insight/Builder/Graph).
  • In Global Record Search and Viewer, when a query is being executed, other buttons and links are grayed out to avoid repetitive clicks.
  • UCMDB Adapter is optimized.
  • A stability issue of REST API is fixed.
  • Some usability issues are fixed.

Asset Manager Browser 1.0:

  • The original release.

Revision History

Changes since the initial release to this document are listed in the table below:

Date Change summary
January, 2017 The initial release.
April, 2017 Asset Manager Browser 1.1 Update 1.
July, 2017 Asset Manager Browser 1.1 Update 2.
February, 2018 Asset Manager Browser 1.2