Release Highlights for Connect-It 9.80

Updated January, 2018

This release of the Connect-It 9.80 introduces the following features/changes:

  • Connect-It is now a software product of Micro Focus. Hence, all Connect-It programs are rebranded with the name "Micro Focus Connect-It".

    Note The rebranding also changes the directory of Connect-It programs and configuration files. For example, the .ini files in the ...\Application Data\HPE\ConnectIt\conf folder are now located in ...\Application Data\Micro Focus\ConnectIt\conf. If you have other programs calling Connect-It files, you may need to manually change the directory.

  • The following software versions are now supported by Connect-It:

    • Microsoft Windows 8.1

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
    • Oracle 12c R2
    • Asset Manager 9.62, 9.63, and 9.70

    • Service Manager 9.60

    • SMA-X 2018.02

Previous versions:

Connect-It 9.4x, 9.5x, 9.6x, and 9.7x Document Matrix

Revision History

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September 2016 The initial release.