Release Highlights for OMi 10.63

Updated April 2018

This release of Operations Manager i (OMi) features the following new features and enhancements:

  • Event Browser (HTML) enhancements. The Event Browser (HTML) has been enhanced to include the following new features:

    Customizable summary footer. The Event Browser (HTML) now displays a summary of the events' severities, priorities, and assignments in the footer of the browser.

    Responsive design. The responsiveness of the Event Browser (HTML) has been enhanced — you can scale browser windows that contain the Event Browser (HTML) component as required without losing track of your events.

    CI filters are displayed. If you filter the Event Browser (HTML) results by CIs, for example by using the CI Explorer, the CI selection is displayed next to the event filter selection.

  • Dynamic CI Status Alerts. You can now create CI status alerts irrespective of the view that a specific CI belongs to, or create CI status alerts for all CIs of a selected view. If CIs are added or removed from the selected view, they are dynamically included or excluded in the CI status alert.
  • New HTML5 policy editor. For Generic Output from Structured Log Files, a new HTML5 editor is available. The new HTML5 editor is much more simplified and comes with a new look and feel for an improved user experience.
  • Automatic grouping of Operations Agents into CI collections. If an Operations Agent (version 12.05 or higher) submits its group information, for example "Operations Agents (Streaming Only)", then OMi creates a corresponding CI collection CI from this group and links the agents as the group members. By having the agents grouped in a certain CI, you can define customized RTSM views and generate automatic assignment rules in order to deploy agent-supported policies.

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Getting Started with OMi 10.63

As the core of the Operations Bridge solution, OMi automatically discovers and correlates data, event topology and metrics for quicker and easier root-cause identification. It visually displays your business service and IT infrastructure health, and provides automated remedial action to quickly solve problems and improve operator efficiency and productivity.

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