Operations Bridge Manager

For Windows® and Linux operating systems

Software Version: 2019.05

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Operations Bridge Manager 2019.05 Installation and Upgrade Guide

Document Release Date: November 2019

Software Release Date: May 2019

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Database server

A database management system (DBMS) used by OBM so that it directly manages OBM databases. The database server can be local to an OBM data processing server (DPS) or installed on a remote system outside OBM deployment. A local database server is automatically installed and configured by OBM, whereas you can preconfigure a remote database server yourself or OBM can configure it for you.

OBM databases contain:

  • System-wide and management-related data. This data includes administrative settings and user-provided information.

  • Configuration item (CI) data. This data includes the CIs that model your computer systems infrastructure and the relationships between them.

  • Events and event-related data (for example, annotations) as well as configuration data (for example, event correlation rules).