System lock report (reportlocks)

Service Manager manages locks in the LOCKM1 and LOCKSHAREDM1 tables in the database management system, and therefore monitoring lock files can also be done externally on these log files. Because the efficiency of access to these tables is critical to Service Manager system performance, be sure to not run too frequent or too complex selects.

In the Service Manager Server's RUN directory, run this command from the OS command prompt:

sm -reportlocks

Example output:

10/10/16 01:43:28   pid (6084) HPE Service Manager diagnostic report follows:

--- Resource Locks ---

HostName                  SID          PID          TID  Type       Resource Name
-------------------- -------- ------------ ------------  ---------  ------------------------------
host03sm25                  3         7024         5020  Shared     agent:TEST

There are currently 1 lock(s).

--- Threads waiting for locks ---

No thread is waiting for locks

You can also monitor locks from the system navigator by clicking System Status > Show Locks.