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View a list of services potentially affected by an outage

Applies to User Roles:

The View Affected Services menu option enables you to view a list of services that are potentially affected by an outage relating to CIs that are specified in an incident or change record. By viewing the affected services list, you can determine the potential impact of an outage related to critical, dependent services when you open an incident. You can also use the affected services list for planning when opening a change.

Note The list of CIs generated does not include the CIs specified in the primary incident or change record.

To view a list of affected services:

  1. Perform one of the following actions.
    • Open an existing incident or change record. Use search or advanced search to find one or more records.
    • Proceed as if you are going to add a new incident or change record.
  2. If you are in the process of adding a new record, fill in the Affected CI.
  3. Click More or the More actions icon and select View Affected Services. The CI Identifier record opens.
  4. Open the Affected Services section. A list of affected services opens or a message, stating that there are no services affected by the outage.

    Note For change records, a list of all affected business services is returned in all cases, whether the record has one primary CI or multiple CIs.

  5. Select a CI from the list for detailed information from the Configuration Management record.
  6. When you finish viewing the affected services, click Cancel.

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