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Troubleshooting and Limitations – UCMDB Server Administration

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations for UCMDB.

  • If the parameter is set (it is enabled by default) in the wrapper.conf file, then every time the server fails with an Out of Memory error, it dumps the full memory to the disk. Since the memory contents could be very large, you should delete these files to avoid disk space problems.

  • Problem: When working in a Firefox browser using Linux, you get an OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space error.

    Solution: Follow these steps:

    1. Go to the bin directory of the Java installation directory and open the Control Panel.

    2. In the Java tab, select View.

    3. In the Java runtime environment settings, under Runtime parameters, increase the -XX:MaxPermSize.

  • Limitation: Unsupported characters in password when UCMDB is used in integrations

    When UCMDB is used in integrations, the following characters should not be used in the password:

    • All non-ASCII characters (valid ISO 8859/1 characters that are not also ASCII characters)

    • The following special characters: the tab character, the space character, and [ \ ] ^ ` { | } ~ " # % & + , / : < = > ? @

  • Problem: The "User {0} has exceeded the maximum number of login sessions" message is displayed.

    Solution: Ensure that you are properly logged out from other sessions on other computers. For example, closing a tab or closing the browser does not immediately close a user session on the server.

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