package sample;
import com.hp.ucmdb.api.*;
 * This is a sample of how to establish a connection to the UCMDB server.
 * This sample is connecting to the server according to the constants below.
public class CreateSDKConnectionSample {
    //Server Address
    public static final String HOST ="";
    //Server Protocol
    public static final String PROTOCOL ="http";
    //Server Port
    public static final int PORT = 8080;
    private static final String USER_NAME = "fitzwilliam";
    private static final String PASSWORD = "darcy";
     * Creates a UCMDB SDK connection.
     * @return UcmdbService object with all of the available services
     * @throws in case of a wrong host/protocol/port input
    public static UcmdbService createSDKConnection() throws MalformedURLException {
        //Creating a service provider for a given UCMDB server address
        UcmdbServiceProvider serviceProvider = UcmdbServiceFactory.getServiceProvider(PROTOCOL, HOST, PORT);
        //Creating a client context according to the name of this integration (for auditing)
        ClientContext clientContext = serviceProvider.createClientContext("MyAppName");
        //Creating the credentials for authentication
        Credentials credentials = serviceProvider.createCredentials(USER_NAME, PASSWORD);
        // Creating the connection object
        return serviceProvider.connect(credentials,clientContext);