The Network Performance Server (NPS), which is installed by the NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics installer, provides the infrastructure and resources for NNM iSPI Performance products to generate reports.


The integration between Micro Focus Operations Bridge Reporter  and NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics enables the transfer of the node and interface data from NPS to OBR for historical reporting and analysis. At predefined intervals, OBR queries the NPS database to retrieve metric on components that have been created or changed. This helps generate reports on network performance, forecast measures for nodes and interfaces, establish a baseline, and so on.
From SHR 10.0, OBR  also offers a direct ETL integration with NNMi consuming the .csv files from NPS for the network performance metrics related to Component and Interface Health.



Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Reporter

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OBR documentation for this integration is available in the link:

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Operations Bridge Reporter
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