Hybrid Cloud Management Classic 2018.05 - Ultimate

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Hybrid Cloud Management Classic - Ultimate (HCM Ultimate) is an integrated automation and management solution for private and hybrid cloud environments that accelerates transformation of applications and IT service delivery with efficiency and speed. The HCM Ultimate enables IT to provide Infra/App Services and enable deployment by brokering across multiple environments (traditional, private, public, etc.). End-user consumers can be business users through service catalogs, developers and IT operators using APIs or the user interface. HCM Ultimate enables Infra & Ops (I/O) pros to get visibility, governance, and operational control through a single pane of glass UI or programmatically.

Suite Components

The following capabilities are available:

Capabilities Version Documentation
Cloud Management Platform (Cloud Service Automation) 4.92 go
Application Release Automation (Codar) 1.92 go
Operations Orchestration (OO) 10.80 go
Cloud Optimizer (CO) 3.02 go
Universal Discovery with Change Management (UCMDB/UD) 2018.05 go
Universal CMDB Browser 11.0 go
Additional Middleware and Database as a Service content (DMA) 2017.05 go

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