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This document is an overview of the changes made to Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA) .

What's new in OBA version 3.04 IP1

OBA_00001 is the new patch for OBA. You can download the patch and read the patch text for more details. See 3.04 IP1.

The following new enhancements are introduced in 3.04 IP1:

  • Support of new Vertica version (9.1.1). For more information, see Install section.
  • Service Anomalies. For more information, see Detect Anomalies.

See the patch text for the list of defects that were fixed in OBA 3.04 IP1.

What's new in OBA version 3.04

Anomaly detection: OBA is enhanced with a new algorithm to detect the deviation in the collected data and display anomalies based on sensitivity for the entities available in the environment.

OBA  release focuses on quality, scalability, and performance. For a list of list of defect fixes and enhancements, see Fixed defects.

Fixed defects

OBA includes the following fixed issues.

The reference number for each fixed defect is the Change Request (QCCR) number. For more information about fixed defects, visit Software Support Online, or contact your support representative directly.

ID Component Summary
QCCR8D95005 Event Collection OBM event collection is not working. This may be due to the mismatch between the certificate with FQDN and the Kafka broker configuration which uses the IP address.
QCCR8D102444 Security - SSL Unable to setup HTTP server for HTTPS due to an incomplete SSL configuration.
QCCR8D99849 Alerts After you configure Vertica for SSL then no alerts are visible in OBA. The error appears as Received fatal alert: handshake_failure.
QCCR8D99206 Log Analytics - LogViewer opsa-task-manager is in baseline calculation.
QCCR8D101551 Collection OBA dashboard is not working due to the error - String index out of range.
QCCR8D101058 Log Search(UI) No messages appear.
QCCR8D96978 Event Analytics OBA limit on clusters per technology impacts OBM Event Analytics cluster_ids 0.
QCCR8D101467 Content Pack ArcSight Logger collection gets corrupted while upgrading OBA from version 3.02 to 3.03.
QCCR8D99394 Collection OBA collector aborts and collections from Logger and OBM is stopped.
QCCR8D99109 Analytic Engine OBA (3.02) Post Persist Processing Storm Topology crashes.
QCCR8D98839 Alert UI Creating an Alert in "Host System Metric Over Time" quickly results in a wrong Alert wizard.
QCCR8D100610 Analytics UI The predict time period is not displayed correctly.
QCCR8D101591 Analytics Infrastructure - Loader Post-installation fails under the condition - Not able to connect to the first node of the Vertica cluster.
QCCR8D64583 Log Search Logs without clusterID do not get displayed in UI
QCCR8D97685 UI Edit topology crashes in Chrome browser.
QCCR8D94910 UI Re-arranged panes in a dashboard are not always saved with their new placement.
QCCR8D99444 Documentation Reboot is needed on OBA server and OBA collector must be documented.
QCCR8D97348 UI Links in tables are missing.

Known issues, limitations, and workarounds

Problems and limitations are identified with a change request (QCCR) number. For more information about known problems, visit, or contact your Support representative directly.

Title: Upgrade from the version 3.01 to 3.04 (version 3.01 to 3.02 then to 3.03 and finally upgraded to 3.04) fails because of old Vertica client (QCCR8D103500).

Description: The database updates are missing when OBA is upgraded from the older versions such as 3.01, 3.02 to 3.04.

Workaround: If you upgrade from an older version (3.01, 3.02) of OBA to 3.04, then run the following step after extracting the packages and before starting the upgrade:

Install the new vertica client driver on all machines (server and collectors) - rpm -U Analytics_Installation/packages/vertica-client-8.1.1-0.x86_64.rpm.

Title: Anamoly events are not available in OBM UI ( QCCR8D103475).

Description: Anomalies detected in OBA are not available in OBM UI ( Event browser)

Workaround: None.

Title: Anomalies are displayed wrongly if the timestamp of the incoming breaches are not in chronological order (QCCR8D103360).

Description: If the timestamps of the incoming breaches are not in chronological order, anomalies are not displayed correctly.

Workaround: None.

Title: After configuring OBA for SSL - Health overview is not working anymore (QCCR8D99651).

Description: After configuring OBA for SSL, Health overview does not work.

Workaround: None.

Title: Downgrade to 3.03 from 03.04.140 fails (Some processes are not running) (QCCR8D103539).

Description: After downgrading from 03.04.140 to 03.03 some of the opsa processes are not running on server and collector.

Workaround: None.

Title: OBA 3.04 Upgrade: OMi Events dashboard moved from category "Predefined" to "Shared" after upgrade (QCCR8D103385).

Description: After upgrading OBA from 3.03 with consolidated hotfix2 to OBA 3.04 in the E2E Exelon environment, the dashboard "OMi Events" is listed in the "Shared" category instead of "Predefined" category.

Workaround: To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. As a user opsa, run the following commands on the OBA server:
    [opsa@oba bin]$ cd /opt/HP/opsa
    [opsa@oba bin]$ ./ -u opsatenantadmin -p <password> -i -f opt/HP/opsa/inventory/lib/hp/dashboard/default.xml -o
  2. Delete the OMi Events dashboard from OBA 3.03:
    1. In OBA, go to dashboard icon.pngDashboards.
    2. Click oba menu.pngand select Manage.
    3. In Custom Dashboard Manager, select the OMi Events dashboard and click OK.

Title: Log search for terms containing minor separators don't not work (QCCR8D64562).

Description: Searching with special characters does not work. For example, a query for #344 does not match rows like #344:.

Workaround: Only search using numbers and characters, not special characters.

Title: OBA UI requests XQL suggestions (QCCR8D94989).

Description: The OBA UI requests suggestions for XQL even if you are not in the log search UI. This request generates unnecessary load on the Vertica database.

Title: After installation there are no metrics displayed in the "Health Overview" dashboard (QCCR8D96577).

Description: After the installation of OBA 3.03, no metrics are displayed in the "Health Overview" dashboard.

Workaround: Restart the OBA collector after installing OBA 3.03.

Title: After installation there are no indices on column: opsa_default.opsa_collection_message.message (QCCR8D96576).

Description: After the installation of OBA 3.03, the text search does not work.

Workaround: Restart the OBA application server after installing OBA 3.03.

Title: OPSA flume.conf wipes its previous configuration state on adding new collection (QCCR8D94638).

Description: In an environment with multiple OBA application servers, the servers overwrite each other's collector configurations.

Workaround: Configure the collections with only one server.

Title: The events in Splunk are only partly imported into OBA (QCCR8D99344).

Description: The events in Splunk cannot be completely imported into OBA. Each message imported into OBA only contains part of the content.

Workaround: This is due to the default regular expression OBA uses to parse the Splunk data. You can modify the regular expression in the Splunk Source Type Mapping UI so that it fits the data coming in from Splunk.

Title: While upgrading from OBA 3.02 to 3.03, the error occurs due to wrong standalone.xml file ( QCCR8D100531)

Description: The following error appears - Error occurred while configuring SSL: null

Workaround: None