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Micro Focus provides lots of support and training resources to help you learn more about using the Operations Bridge Suite, and to remedy problems when the do occur. The following is a collection of links to Operations Bridge support, training, certification and download websites.


Download Link
Patch summary for Operations Bridge Manager go
Free trial version of Operations Bridge Manager go


Resource Link
Software support go
Create a support case go
Software support offerings go
Support forum for Operations Bridge specific questions go
Obsolete products: end of support dates go


Resource Link
Operations Bridge Community Home go
OBM Practitioners Forum go
OBM Integrations Forum go


Training Link
OBM training schedule go
OMI01IT - Operations Manager i-Series 10 Interactive Training Created by ART go
OMI120 - Operations Manager i Software 10 Essentials go
OMI110 - Operations Manager i Software 10 for Operators go
OMI200 - Operations Manager i Software 10 Advanced go


Certification Link
Software certification go