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Free License Exchange

Many customers have experienced years of success with Operations Manager, but the surging complexity of IT operations inspired us to create Operations Bridge, our next-generation, analytics-driven operations solution. We recommend that all OM customers evolve to Operations Bridge (Premium Edition) with a free license exchange.

Why evolve?

Operations Bridge is a holistic product suite designed to help shift IT from a cost function to a strategic business partner. With OBM incorporated directly into Operations Bridge, it delivers all the capabilities of Operations Manager and much more:

  • True single pane of glass with expansive technology coverage
  • Business Value Dashboard
  • Adaptive event management and event reduction
  • Automated discovery and monitoring
  • Cross-domain reporting

How to evolve?

To get started today, refer to the following sections for more information and technical guidance. These topics will assist you with planning and executing the transition from Operations Manager to Operations Bridge:

  • Transfer functions from OM to OBM: provides an overview of the evolution process and gives step-by-step instructions on how to transition from OM to Operations Bridge. You will learn how to carry out technical evolution in phases and read about the benefits you get as you complete each evolution phase.
  • Management Pack Evolution: provides the information on how to move from OM Smart Plug-ins (SPIs) to OBM Management Packs (MPs). It explains conceptual differences between SPIs and MPs, describes the MP licensing model, and gives an overview of the steps required for replacing a SPI with the corresponding MP.


Presentation Link
Customer deck. OM to Ops Bridge Evolution Program: How to successfully evolve to a greater value go
Technical customer deck. OM to Ops Bridge Evolution Program: How to successfully evolve to a greater value go


Webcast Link
Darwinian Evolution of Operations Manager. OM to Operations Bridge evolution overview and case study of how Fidelity started their evolution and their return on the investment. go
OBM 10 Best Practices. Our partner Whitlock has developed a custom deployment kit that walks you through a value-based planning process and guides you on best practices for deployment and integrations. It also provides basic event process design, as well as initial integrations to existing processes, and facilitates knowledge transfer with a transition support plan to allow you to come up to speed on the new interface and features of OMi 10. go

Case Studies

Case Study Link
Canada's biggest credit union leverages software from Micro Focus for visibility, proactive control go

Blog Posts

Blog Post Link
Grow your IT monitoring by evolving to the OpsBridge Suite go
Darwinian evolution of OMi Management Pack go
OM-to-OpsBridge Evolution: Evolve to OMi Management Pack with "SPI to MP Evolution Tool" go
Evolve to OMi: How to keep your OM policy investment and when to use OMi Management Packs go
Evolve to OMi: How to smoothly move hundreds of Operations Agents to OMi go
Evolve OM Unix to OMi: Simple command Line tools admins need to know go
Evolve to OMi: How to set up user permissions similar to those in OM go
Evolve to OMi: Implementing instruction text lookup and addressing other policy import warnings go
Operations Manager i: Unlock the value of stream-based event correlation go


How to integrate Operation Manager for UNIX/Linux (recorded with OMi 10.00) go
How to integrate Operation Manager for Windows (recorded with OMi 10.00) go
How to deploy systems infrastructure monitoring to a monitored node (recorded with OMi 10.00) go
How to filter events in the event browser (recorded with OMi 9.24) go
How to create a monitoring dashboard (recorded with OMi 10.00) go
How to create an aspect containing a group of policy templates (recorded with OMi 10.00) go
How to add a parameter to a policy template (recorded with OMi 10.00) go
How to combine and pre-set parameters in aspects or management templates (recorded with OMi 10.00) go
How to use stream-based event correlation (SBEC) to correlate repeated events (recorded with OMi 10.00) go


Policy Statistics Tool for Operations Manager go
Policy Reporter for OMi go
SPI to MP Evolution Tool go

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