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Experts in the Operations Bridge community have created a wide variety of blog posts to help you get the most out of your Operations Bridge Suite. Check out these helpful blog posts to get started:

Next-Generation Operations Bridge

Blog Post Link
What’s new in Operations Bridge 2018.02: An overview of the latest features go
What’s new in Operations Bridge 2018.02? Explore 4 highlight areas go
Operations Bridge Suite 2017.11 – ChatOps support for Microsoft Teams go
Exploring High Availability capabilities of the Operations Bridge Container Deployment go
What’s new in Operations Bridge Suite 2017.11 go
Announcing Operations Bridge Suite 2017.11: enhancements to improve your IT operations monitoring go
Accelerating Operations with report access via ChatOps in Operations Bridge suite 2017.08 go
What’s new in Operations Bridge 2017.08: 13 don’t miss highlights go
What’s new within the Operations Bridge 2017.04 go
Containers going wonky? Cloud service getting murky? Our monitoring brings visibility for solutions go
New software deployment and delivery model: increasing innovation speed go
Container Deployment Foundation delivers high capacity IT Ops Business Value Dashboards go
Supercharge IT Operations using next generation Operations Bridge go
Organic changes that transform – Operations Bridge evolution announced go

Operations Bridge Dashboards

Blog Post Link
Sending custom metrics to Business Value Dashboard in 5 easy steps go
Business Value Dashboard: How to successfully show infrastructure- and application-level data go
Utilizing Business Value Dashboard widget group to display a dynamic list of key service metrics go
Easy scaling of Business Value Dashboard (BVD) in a containerized Operations Bridge deployment go
Business Value Dashboard: Data integration (part 1) go
Business Value Dashboard: Data integration (part 2) go
Business Value Dashboard: Get started now! go
Building your Business Value Dashboard using tags and dimensions go
Using Business Value Dashboard with the Internet of Things go
Power up Business Value Dashboard with Cloud Optimizer! go
Speedy Cape2Cape globe trotting - connecting you to the driver experience go
Visualize OMi event pipeline performance in the OMi Performance Dashboard go
Making metrics sing with OMi Performance Analytics dashboards go
Fasten your seat belts: Performance Engine to take off! go
Real-time metric streaming of application and custom metrics go

Operations Bridge Evolution

Blog Post Link
Grow your IT monitoring by evolving to the OpsBridge Suite go
Evolve to OMi: Implementing instruction text lookup and addressing other policy import "warnings" go
Evolve to OMi: How to smoothly move hundreds of Operations Agents to OMi go
Evolve OM Unix to OMi: Simple Command Line Tools admins need to know go
Evolve to OMi: How to keep your OM policy investment + when to use OMi Management Packs go
Evolve to OMi: How to Setup User Permissions similar to those in OM go
Darwinian evolution of OMi Management Pack go
OM-to-OpsBridge Evolution: Evolve to OMi Management Pack with "SPI to MP Evolution Tool" go
OM users - here is why and how to move to OMi go
Successfully upgrade from Operations Manager to Operations Bridge: The myths, truths and expert tips go
The perfect pass - The evolution of Operations Manager to OMi go

Big Data

Blog Post Link
New age monitoring solution for your Big Data technologies go
A BIG brother for your BIG data environment go


Blog Post Link
Now monitor PaaS services with AWS 1.5 and Azure 2.3 Management Pack releases go
What’s new with the AWS and Azure Management Pack latest releases: Part2 go
Guide to Google Cloud Management Pack go
Operations Bridge and AWS: Automatic discovery and seamless Cloudwatch integration go
OpsBridge monitors Docker on the fly go
Your Private Cloud Operations through a Business Lens for more than 58,000 VMs and counting! go
Monitor your x86-virtualized environment for free with vPV go
Public Cloud Service Health Check - Simplified with Operations Bridge go
Keys to deploying OMi 10 on Helion Public Cloud go
Monitoring virtual environments - VM101 go
Now available! Public cloud monitoring: The end-to-end hybrid view with OMi and Helion go

Operations Agent

Blog Post Link
How to deploy hundreds of Operations Agents using Operations Orchestration go
AIRVA: A new way to install the Operations Agent! go
OMi: Metric Streaming with Operations Agent 12.01 go
HPE Discover 2016: Learn how Operations Agent improves the health of your monitoring infrastructure go
Five questions to ask before you upgrade to the 64-bit Operations Agent 12.00 on HP-UX go
Operations Agent 12.00—for the new style of IT management go
Exploring the potential of Operations Agent version 12 go
Get agent health at a glance with the Health Dashboard for infrastructure monitoring go

Operations Connector

Blog Post Link
How to make sure that your critical Operations Bridge integrations are always up and running go
Operations Connector SDK 2.0 – adding 3rd party systems into your OpsBridge just got a lot easier go
Using OMi to manage policies for multiple Operations Connector systems go
How to integrate Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) into OMi 10.60 and OpsCx 10.11 go

Operations Bridge Analytics

Blog Post Link
Bridge to the Future: From Operations Analytics to the new Operations Bridge Analytics 3.0 go
Operations Bridge Analytics Log Streaming using Operations Agent go


Blog Post Link
Operations Manager i: Unlock the value of stream-based event correlation go
Bring your own code: How to simplify customizing event correlation software go

Event Processing

Blog Post Link
How to take advantage of event-driven ad hoc downtime manage go
How to easily reduce events in OMi using Stream Based Event Correlation go
OMi Subcomponent HIs: Granular HIs without creating CIs in RTSM go
A closer look at the functionality of OMi Script Dev Kit go
Easier event handling for Operations Manager i (send, export/import, archive events via CLI) go
OMi: Looking Beyond Event Severity for Prioritization go
OM-OMi: Dealing with Event Duplicates, effectively go
Configuring OMi to propagate Event KPIs with the parent displaying the sum of events go

Management Packs / Developing your own content

Blog Post Link
"It really was working after just a few days of development" - OMi Management Pack Hackathon report go
OMi Management Pack Development Kit - Overview go
OMi Management Pack Development Kit - Topology go
OMi Management Pack Development Kit - Events go
Meet the OMi Management Pack DevKit go
Meet the OMi Management Pack DevKit, Part 2 go

Monitoring Automation and out-of-the-box Management Packs

Blog Post Link
Keys to automated policy management and aspect assignment using the new OMi CLIs go
What’s new with the AWS and Azure Management Pack latest releases go
What’s new in the Operations Manager i Management Pack for Infrastructure 2.0 go
New in the Docker Store - Docker certified Software shows business impact of Docker containers go
Step by Step: OMi Management Pack for Docker go
Use Operations Bridge to Monitor Containerized Applications go
Microsoft Azure Monitoring with OpsBridge Management Pack go
Monitoring PostgreSQL with OMi Management Pack go
Monitor Microsoft Active Directory with OMi Management Pack go
Monitor Oracle Database with OMi Management Pack go
Simplified SAP Monitoring using OMi Management Pack for SAP go
Dock Your Docker with Operations Manager i (OMi Mgmt Pack for Docker) go
Everything you want to know about OMi Management Pack for TIBCO go
How to Configure and Monitor TIBCO using OMi Management Pack for TIBCO go
Switching to Monitoring Automation: How to deploy monitoring configuration go
OMi now includes Automation to simplify IT Monitoring go
Visualize, monitor and remediate your Vertica environment with OMi Management Pack for Vertica go
A new SQL to the IT Operations Management cockpit story go
3 steps to new metric collection with OMi MP for Oracle Database go
Monitor the job queue, ascertain system bottlenecks - best practice #1 go
Set threshold values correctly for good monitoring since not every day is Sunday - best practice #2 go
Gain the flexibility you need for Management Pack deployment with OMi 10.10 go
Troubleshoot Skype for Business server performance problems with OMi go
Troubleshoot Microsoft SQL Server performance problems go


Blog Post Link
Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR) Out-of-the-box Reports - Part I go
Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR) Out-of-the-box Reports - Part II go
Announcing Operations Bridge Reporter 10.21: Featuring 6 new enhancements go
(Re)Introducing Operations Bridge Reporter go
How to easily achieve "multi-tenant" reporting with Operations Bridge Reporter go
Analyze your OMi events for an efficient IT Operations team go

Service Health

Blog Post Link
Configuring OMi to exclude event KPIs from impacting Service Health go
OMi - Event Count based special KPIs (Unassigned Events and Unresolved Events KPIs) go
From OMi Events to CI Status go

Other topics

Blog Post Link
Operations Bridge tips and tricks from your peers go
Operations Bridge: Setting a node in adhoc outage - in just a click! go
Real-time performance monitoring with Operations Bridge – I go
Streaming performance data with Operations Bridge - II go
Step-by-step guide to display node name as FQDN under OMi Console go
Achieving your Operations Bridge migration in 5 steps go
How to create your own custom topology using OMi policies go
Hidden treasures in OMi 10.11 – useful CLI and web services enhancements you might not have noticed go
OMi documentation – A new look, feel and simplified access to learn about Operations Bridge Suite go
10 points on how to visualize and manage performance with OMi go
Graphing Metrics Data in Hierarchical Operations Bridge Deployments go
Operations Manager i: Event Browser unleashed! Your guide to IT event management go
IT operations dashboards: OMi 10.01 new message browser features increases operator efficiency go
How to use Roles, Groups and Users to efficiently manage access to OMi go
Get to a working OMi in 35 minutes or less go
Over the Business Rainbow - A new Business "Heads up Display" go
Announcing Operations Bridge version 10 with 10 great reasons to adopt it go
The Why, the What and the How of the new OMi Content Extension in Service Health Reporter go
VMware tools and why it is important for monitoring and what-not go
Transport Layer Security in OMi 10.10, Simplified Setup go
OMi event console in a 3rd party ecosystem go
Running a OMi proof-of-concept and other lessons from the road go
Recorded Webinar: Gain visibility to the user experience in your Operations Management Dashboard go
6 similarities between a deal aggregator and Operations Manager i (OMi) go