Hybrid Cloud Management

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DevOps-enabling, multi-cloud management with governance, end-to-end orchestration, and migration.
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Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) enables enterprise Central IT and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to manage hybrid and multi-cloud XaaS environments, deliver infrastructure and application services to their developer and business end users, orchestrate end-to-end IT operations processes, improve IT service delivery via governance, operate an effective application development pipeline, and easily onboard new technologies like containers and micro-services.

Hybrid Cloud Management is available in three editions:

Cloud Brokering and Governance
Catalog aggregation and brokering to publish services in a few clicks
Analytics and reporting to showback costs and usage
Self-service portal with ChatOps
Policy-based governance for quota management
Self-service Hybrid IT and Process Orchestration
Cloud-agnostic service designs
Wizards, out-of-box content and open APIs
Comprehensive DB & MW content
Workload optimization
Enterprise-grade IT process orchestration engine
Continuous Delivery for DevOps
Customizable application stage gates  
Integrated bridge to cloud management platform  
Application release analytics       ✔
Continuous Delivery for DevOps
Cloud assessment and migration
Identify and analyze apps for cloud migration Add-on1 Add-on1 Add-on1
Automated server migration to cloud Add-on1 Add-on1 Add-on1

1 Add-on products required

Cloud Brokering and Governance (Express and Premium as noted)

  • Catalog aggregation and brokering
    • Cloud service catalog aggregation to quickly aggregate hybrid cloud services (from AWS, Microsoft Azure as well as vCenter templates) and broker the offerings for user consumption.
  • Analytics and show-back reporting
    • Show-back reporting provides LOBs/organizations visibility into IT cloud cost analytics across any subscription provisioned through HCM’s marketplace portal, or directly in Microsoft Azure.
  • Self-service portal with ChatOps
    • Self-service portal is configurable and allows end-users to consume services.
    • ChatOps enabling you to search service offerings, order, list, and cancel your subscriptions collaborating and engaging with a ChatBot.
  • Policy-based governance
    • Budget quota policies for tracking cost consumption across organizations enable IT cloud admins to govern costs. (Premium edition required)

Self-service Hybrid IT and Process Orchestration (Premium)

  • Cloud-agnostic service designs
    • Cloud-agnostic drag-n-drop service designer enabling “design once, run anywhere” services.
  • Wizards, out-of-box content, and open APIs
    • Rich out-of-the-box content and APIs for integration with all major cloud providers.
  • Workload optimization
    • Workload optimization for placement decisions.
  • Comprehensive DB & MW content
    • Comprehensive database & middleware content to enable PaaS and XaaS.
  • Enterprise-grade IT process orchestration engine
    • IT process automation and orchestration of repeatable operations from incident remediation to service requests and IaaS to cloud automation.
    • Rich out-of-the-box library of 8000+ operation workflows, 300+ application components and 80+ integrations.

Continuous Delivery for DevOps (Ultimate)

  • Customizable application stage gates
    • Configurable stage gates for application release pipeline enable continuous delivery.
    • Secure app delivery through Fortify integration.
  • Integrated bridge to cloud management platform
    • Release pipeline integrated with cloud management platform for on-demand consumption of cloud services.
  • Application release analytics
    • Application release analytics to identify release pipeline bottlenecks and accelerate app delivery.