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­­ The machine learning based service desk delivered on-premises or in the cloud.

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Service Management Automation X (SMAX) is the first application suite for service management and IT Asset Management built on machine learning and analytics, integrated with UCMDB and Discovery. It can be deployed on-premise, in private or public cloud, or moved from one to the other, based on container technology. Its scalable, multi-tenant architecture makes it easy to install, configure, and run.

Service Management Automation X is available in two editions with the following features:

Feature Express Premium
Machine learning and analytics based service desk
Smart Ticketing
Smart Email
Smart Search
Hot Topic Analytics
Smart self-service with social collaboration
Virtual Agent
Native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices
On-the-fly Translation
Catalog Aggregation  
Modern user experience for enterprise applications
ITIL aligned service management applications & processes
Live Support
Procurement module  
Financial Management  
Software Asset Management  
Application Portfolio Management  
Project & Program Management  
Idea & Proposal Management  
Codeless configuration and easy upgrades
Codeless Configuration
User-defined workflows and tables
Automated updates
Multi-tenancy for service provider support
Multiple tenants per installation
Single console for multiple tenants
ITOM Platform with flexible deployment options
Container based architecture with automated deployment
Available through AWS Marketplace
AWS and Azure support

Machine Learning and Analytics-Based Service Desk

  • Express Edition
    • Smart ticket capability uses an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning system to accept and intuitively route service requests.
    • Smart search globally searches within and outside of service management modules to offer self-service solutions to users, or to provide suggested solutions to service desk agents. Search results are actionable, meaning agents can create a problem from related found incidents.
    • Hot Topic Analytics use advanced search and analytics capabilities to enable you to view and analyze patterns in incidents, requests, and other records and to create knowledge articles or problem records based on those patterns.

Smart Self-Service with Social Collaboration

  • Express Edition
    • Virtual agents provide automated 24x7 assistance, complemented by integrated live-chat or email to enhance continuous customer support.
    • Social collaboration features including the ability to vote, ask a friend, or survey to help end-users source answers from the community and enhance end-user autonomy.
    • On-the-fly translation provides end users with access to portal content and service desk updates in their preferred language.
    • Native mobile application on Android and iOS complements the web service portal with a streamlined, native interface that focuses on key tasks that need to be managed on the go.
  • Premium Edition
    • Catalog aggregation allows end users to use the SMAX Service Portal to request catalog offerings that are defined and fulfilled in Service Manager along with the SMAX defined and fulfilled offerings.

Modern User Experience for Enterprise Applications

  • Express Edition
    • Service desk with a comprehensive set of ITIL aligned Service Management applications including Service Request Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, Service Level Management and Configuration Management
    • ChatOps provides collaboration between people and tools by providing commands to search, view and update incidents. Additionally, view suggested knowledge articles that include hyperlinks to the full knowledge article in the knowledge management module. It supports collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Mattermost to link SMA with those tools through a command line interface.
    • Live Support provides the service desk agent with key information and tools that can help to efficiently process new service and support requests and inquiries received by telephone
  • Premium Edition
    • Procurement module manages the end-to-end lifecycle of IT asset purchases. It tracks and manages purchase orders and purchase order lines, as well as the relationship with purchase requests. It facilitates moving purchasing assets into stock and reconciles with inventoried assets.
    • Enterprise Service Management with applications for IT Asset Management and Project Management; Human Resource workflow, Application and Service Portfolio Management, Financial Tracking, Ideation, and Proposal Management.

Codeless configuration and easy upgrades

  • Express Edition
    • Allows users to define and edit an application's fields, forms, business rules, processes, and notifications, as well as importing data and defining custom actions for the application.
    • SMAX Studio enables the creation of user-defined, process-based applications and supporting tables through codeless configuration capabilities.
    • Automated upgrades give customers almost instant access to new features and capabilities.

Multi-Tenancy for Service Provider Support

  • Express Edition
    • Supports deployment of multiple tenants per installation that can be used for development, test, or production environments.
    • The multi-tenant console and grid allow leveraged agents to view and edit records from multiple customers’ SMAX tenants in a single user interface.
    • Multiple tenant deployments can be used by service providers to host environments for multiple customers within a single installation.

ITOM Platform with Flexible Deployment Options

  • Express Edition
    • Pre-integrated use cases and processes that can be extended through re-useable micro-services, and RESTful APIs.
    • Built-in scalability with auto-scaling at both the node level and pod level.
    • Automated deployment based on container deployment foundation enables easy installation, maintenance, and patching with minimal downtime.
    • Can be deployed on bare metal, virtual machines, or in the cloud.
    • Supports AWS and Microsoft Azure.
    • Is available through AWS Marketplace.