This inventory integration enables you to push information discovered by HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory to Asset Manager. 



Asset Manager's integration with HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory (as part of the Service Asset and Configuration Management integration): Hardware and software data are replicated in separate scenarios to improve the performance of data replication. In the new scenario setting, the hardware scenarios create or update CIs, and the software scenarios create software for these CIs. Replication of software installations from HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory to Asset Manager creates a record in the software installations table (amSoftInstall), and does not create a linked portfolio item with the same model.

The new version of the integration provides the following:

  • Support of the more recent version of the DDMI SAI
  • Alignment of the Asset Manager models and inventoried models on the new DDMI SA
  • Improvement of the reconcliation keys in all Connect-It scenarios:
  1. Serial number + Model name
  2. Asset Tag
  3. Domain + Computer name



Leading Product:
Asset Manager

Secondary Product:
Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory



More information about this integration is in the Asset Manager 5.21 Release Notes.



Support Matrix

  Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory
Asset Manager
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported