The HPE Service Manager (SM) - HPE Application Performance Management (APM) integration allows you to invoke the APM Business Impact Report from within the incident record, in the context of the incident's related configuration item (CI). This enables the Service Desk Agent to validate the updated status of the Business Impact, in order to categorize and prioritize the incident.


HPE Application Performance Management includes impact reports that you can use to help evaluate the impact of incidents on your business. A Business Impact Report displays information about how a CI impacts the Business Services it belongs to. Data about the affected Business Service, Application, and Business Process CIs includes KPI data, over-time data, and SLA data. For example, if a host CI has a critical status, you can use the report to display the status of the Business Service CIs to which the host CI is attached.
When deployed as part of the APM solution, Incident Management users can launch an impact report from an incident in context with the incident's affected CI. Service Desk Agents can validate the updated status of the Business Impact to categorize and prioritize the incident accordingly.


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