The Micro Focus NNMi-Micro Focus NA integration combines the NA configuration management capabilities with the NNMi network monitoring capabilities, placing more information at your fingertips for efficient network management.

The MF Network Node Manager i Software-MF Network Automation integration provides the following functionality:

  • Bidirectional inventory synchronization that can be constrained to the contents of a synchronization node group maintained in NNMi.
  • Automated data gathering. Automatically run NA device diagnostics in response to certain NNMi incidents to collect timely information for troubleshooting the fault.
  • Bidirectional cross launch. From the NNMi console, open the NA console in the context of the selected node. From the NA console, open the NNMi console in the context of the selected device.
  • Detection of connections with mismatched speed or duplex configurations.
  • NA device and interface information in the NNMi analysis pane provides an immediate view of device configuration, device configuration change history, and device compliance status.
  • SNMP trap forwarding from NA to NNMi injects device configuration and compliance change information into the NNMi incident browser.
  • SNMP configuration synchronization from NA to NNMi updates NNMi to enable monitoring immediately after the SNMP configuration change.
  • Out of service communications prevent unnecessary alarming in NNMi while NA applies device configuration updates.


The MF Network Node Manager i Software-MF Network Automation integration supports the following environments:

  • Bidirectional SSL for secure communications between the products
  • Bidirectional single sign-on for cross launches
  • Distributed NNMi environments
  • Distributed NA environments



Leading Product:
Network Node Manager i software

Secondary Product:
Network Automation



For the latest detailed description of this integration, see the MF Network Node Manager - MF Network Automation Integration Guide:



Support Matrix

  Network Automation
Network Node Manager i software
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported