This integration enables Micro Focus Network Node Manager software Smart Plug-ins (NNM iSPIs) (NNMi Performance Smart Plug-ins and NNM iSPI for IP Telephony) and Micro Focus SiteScope software to monitor the Microsoft Lync infrastructure and services.


Micro Focus Network Node Manager i software (NNMi) enables you to discover and monitor fault and performance of Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices in your network. Once deployed, NNMi discovers various network elements (nodes) such as switches and routers on an ongoing basis, thus providing an up-to-date representation of the network topology. Using this information, you can view an inventory of the managed network.

Using NNMi's dynamic fault management system, you can detect, isolate, and handle problems using exceptions-the ability to pinpoint network problems by using event correlation and root cause analysis (RCA).

The Network Performance Server (NPS) provides the infrastructure that you can use with NNMi to analyze the health and performance of your network. With the performance data collected by different Micro Focus Network Node Manager software Smart Plug-ins (NNM iSPIs), the NPS builds data tables, runs queries in response to user selections, and displays query results in web-based reports that help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems in your network environment.

The NNM iSPI for IP Telephony enables you to discover and monitor the IP Telephony infrastructure in your NNMi managed network. After installing and configuring the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony, you can monitor the health and states of the IP Telephony nodes in your NNMi network, monitor the call quality and the connectivity status between two nodes, configure different aspects (front-end servers, gateway entities, site, etc.), and so on.

The NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics enables you to collect health and performance data managed by core NNMi and generate reports for the metric data polled by NNMi from different network elements. With the combination of NNMi and the NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics, you can monitor the operational performance of the network infrastructure.

The NNM iSPI Performance for QA enables you to monitor the quality of traffic flow in the network. Pre-configured QA probes on the selected network elements ensure that the data packets traversing through the network are treated consistently by these elements. The NNM iSPI Performance for QA, in conjunction with NNMi and NPS, enables you to configure and discover QA probes for various NNMi managed nodes, run these QA probes to monitor the network performance, and generate reports based on the metric data collected by these QA probes.

The NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic extends the capabilities of NNMi to monitor the network performance by collecting the network performance information from the IP flow records exported by the NNMi managed routers and enriching the obtained data. The NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic enables you to enrich the IP flow records by adding or updating the available fields in the flow records, aggregate the flow record, and configure deployment-specific enrichment attributes such as site and applications. With the help of NNMi, the NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic enables you to monitor the performance of network traffic, and generate maps to view the traffic flow information on your network. With the help of NPS, it enables you to generate reports on the network traffic performance.

Micro Focus SiteScope is an agentless monitoring solution that enables you to collect data and report on the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures. Using Micro Focus SiteScope, you can monitor servers, operating systems, network devices, network services, applications, and application components.

Once integrated, Micro Focus SiteScope acts as a data collector for NNMi, NPS, and the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony. Micro Focus SiteScope uses SNMP Trap alerts to forward event data from any type of Micro Focus SiteScope monitor to the NNMi management server. NNMi converts these traps into NNMi incidents. From these incidents, an NNMi console user can launch Micro Focus SiteScope in the context of that monitor. Using this integration, the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony and NPS achieve and report all collected metrics.

Using a single interface embedded in NNMi and iSPIs, this integration enables the monitoring of the Microsoft Lync servers.



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For information about this integration, see Configuring Integration with SiteScope in the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony online help.

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