When HPE Real User Monitor (RUM) and HP Diagnostics are integrated, Diagnostics provides a snapshot with details for server requests corresponding to data selection in RUM reports. In the snapshot, you can select any of the instance tree icons to drill down further to the call profile.

Drilldowns to Diagnostic reports are available via:

  • RUM Session Details
  • RUM Action Summary
  • Action Over Time > Load and Response Time Breakdown Over Time table
  • End Users by Action
  • Application Infrastructure by Action
  • Action Raw Data to HP Diagnostics Snapshot Report


RUM and Diagnostics monitor requests to a J2EE server. 
RUM captures the front end-network (web client > app server) data-while Diagnostics
provides more detailed information on the server side of requests.
Diagnostics inserts a GUID in the response header of J2EE servlet events. This GUID is picked
up by RUM and used to communicate back to the Diagnostics on drill from RUM reports.



Leading Product:
Real User Monitor

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A direct link to the HP Diagnostics User's Guide can be found here:
General customer documentation, as well as earlier versions of the above guide, can be found in the SSO website:


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Real User Monitor
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