HP Continuous Delivery Automation (HP CDA) integrates with HP SiteScope to deploy SiteScope monitors and receive events from these monitors. Monitoring status based on the events received is available on the HP CDA user interface. You can also launch the data collected by the monitors deployed from the HP CDA user interface.

You can use the HP CDA user interface to create monitoring policies. These monitoring policies can include a set of SiteScope monitors. The definition of the monitors can be created in HP CDA by configuring a SiteScope server and triggering an introspection of the available SiteScope templates.

One or more monitoring policies can be assigned as appropriate to the application layers. Based on the monitoring policies configured, when the application is deployed, the configured SiteScope templates are initiated and the corresponding SiteScope monitors are triggered. The threshold settings and alerts corresponding to the policy are also triggered.

HP CDA receives events in XML format over HTTP from the SiteScope server when any of the threshold values configured are violated. These events trigger the display of the monitoring status on the HP CDA user interface. You can also configure actions to be performed to resolve the events generated.


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