HP Continuous Delivery Automation (HP CDA) includes the functionality to deploy HP Diagnostics agents using the various deployers supported, such as Opscode Chef, HP Server Automation (HP SA), and so on. The monitoring status is available on the HP CDA user interface based on the events received from HP Diagnostics. You can launch the data collected by the deployed agents from the HP CDA user interface.

The Diagnostics agent is modeled as a platform software in HP CDA and the deployment of the agent is triggered along with the deployment of the application server platform software. Additionally, based on the monitoring policies configured, you can configure the appropriate thresholds and alerts in HP Diagnostics.

The HP Diagnostics agents report data to the Diagnostics server. HP CDA receives events in XML format over HTTP from the HP Diagnostics server when any of the threshold values configured are violated. You can view the monitoring status on the HP CDA user interface based on the events received.

The deployment of Diagnostics agents and the reception of events from the HP Diagnostics server are supported in hybrid cloud environments based on Amazon EC2 or HP Cloud environments.


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