The integration of HP Operations Log Intelligence (OLI) or ArcSight Logger with HP Operations Manager (HPOM) enriches IT operations with log management as follows:

  • The first integration use case enables HPOM users to create a searchable, long term archive for HPOM events. HPOM events are stored and indexed in Logger/OLI. This use case applies to HPOM and HP OMi.
  • The second use case pushes events that are logged in Logger/OLI to HPOM and HP OMi. Logger/OLI captures events from many sources. This integration use case enables HPOM and HP OMi users to configure events or event pattern forwarding from Logger/OLI to HPOM.


  • Events in HPOM usually archived rapidly after the issue has been resolved.
  • However, interesting information can be found in the history of events.
  • Top 10 events.
  • Top applications or hosts that generate events.
  • Average daily incoming event rate in the last week.

 The Integration works for both ArcSight Logger and OLI.

 Why integrate log management in IT operations?

Comprehensive log management and understanding machine data from an operations, compliance, risk and security point of view helps organizations better manage their IT. Here are a few advantages of comprehensive log management:

  • Collection of logs from any log-generating source
  • Categorization and normalization of the log data to filter, parse, and enrich the events
  • Aggregation of logs into an indexed, common event format for search capabilities
  • Easy search capability for the IT operations team to search past events
  • Long retention of events, and easy access of those events for audit purposes
  • Automated compliance reporting



Leading Product:
Operations Manager for UNIX

Secondary Product:
ArcSight Logger



Documentation for this integration can be found using the following link:

See the latest versions of:
+ Forwarding Connector Release Notes <latest version>
+ Forwarding Connector Configuration Guide <latest version>
+ ArcSight Logger Forwarding Connector for HP OM Release Notes <latest version>
+ ArcSight Logger Forwarding Connector for HP OM Configuration Guide <latest version>
+ ArcSight HP OM and HP OMi SNMP Interceptor Policy Readme <latest version>
+ SmartConnector for HP Operations Manager i Web Services Configuration Guide <latest version>
+ SmartConnector for HP Operations Manager Incident Web Service Configuration Guide

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Information on how to register and how to view HP ArcSight product documentation can be found in the ArcSight_Doc_Pointer.pdf located under any product starting with ArcSight in the HP Software Product Manuals Web site.


Support Matrix

  ArcSight Logger
Operations Manager for UNIX
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported