The SAM Admin application enables you to configure and manage multiple SiteScope instances using SAM Admin from within HP Operations Manager (OM).
The SAM Admin window shows a summary of all SiteScope servers accessible to the OM system. In this window, you can manage SiteScope configurations for one or more SiteScope servers centrally from the OM console. SAM Admin facilitates the transfer of configuration information from one SiteScope instance to another.

The SAM Admin application enables you to configure and manage SiteScope instances using the following tools:

  • New SiteScope: Add a new SiteScope instance to the list of SiteScopes that are accessible to the HPOM system.
  • Edit SiteScope: Edit the properties which determine how a SiteScope server connects to the HPOM system.
  • Delete SiteScope: Delete a SiteScope instance from the OM system.
  • Global Search and Replace: Update properties across multiple SiteScope instances using the Global Search and Replace wizard.
  • Sync SiteScopes: Synchronize settings between different SiteScope instances by copying the settings configured for a SiteScope instance to other SiteScope instances using the Sync SiteScopes wizard.
  • Copy and Paste between SiteScopes: Copy configuration data from one SiteScope instance to another by using the Copy to other SiteScope and Paste to other SiteScope options in the SiteScope objects context menu.

For details about this functionality, see the HPE SiteScope Help, which covers both HP System Availability Management Administration and SiteScope functionality.



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