The integration between Micro Focus Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Center and Micro Focus Agile Manager software can give you the information you need to make better business decisions, lower the cost of running both your Agile and traditional development projects, increase collaboration between business and IT, and improve application quality. We will explore how Agile development can be aligned with the basic principles of Poject and Portfolio Management to make sure that IT objectives meet the company's business goals.



Starting from PPM Center version 9.30, the integration between PPM Center and Micro Focus Agile Manager is realized by the solution Agile Open SDK. It includes the following solutions:

  • Integrating PPM Center tasks with Micro Focus Agile Manager

The integration between PPM Center tasks and Micro Focus Agile Manager allows project managers, program managers, portfolio managers, and other project stakeholders to have:

  • Visibility into real-time status and progress of agile development projects from within PPM Center, without having to log on to Micro Focus Agile Manager for details;
  • A consolidated view of their tasks and agile development initiatives

The integration allows project managers to map a task under a project to a specific release managed in Micro Focus Agile Manager. Each PPM Center task is associated with a single release in Micro Focus Agile Manager throughout the task life cycle. This is a one-way one-to-one mapping relationship. This association begins when a project manager maps one task to a specific release.

After the mapping relationship is established, the project managers are able to view real-time agile development related charts retrieved from Micro Focus Agile Manager. In addition, project managers can also view the overall release hierarchy information of a specific work package from within PPM Center.

  • Integrating PPM Center time sheets with Micro Focus Agile Manager

The integration between PPM Center time sheets and Micro Focus Agile Manager enables end users to import agile effort from Micro Focus Agile Manager into their PPM Center time sheets, freeing them from reporting their time repeatedly and thus ensuring data consistency between different management tools. This integration also ensures information sharing between product development teams and project managers, which facilitates project execution with right decisions.

This integration is a one-way (from Micro Focus Agile Manager to PPM Center) and one-multiple mapping relationship (one time sheet to multiple releases).




Leading Product:
Project and Portfolio Management Foundation

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Agile Manager on SaaS



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