Micro Focus SiteScope forwards data to MF Diagnostics enabling you to see a more complete view of the application servers that are monitored by Diagnostics. The data can provide insight into the infrastructure components onto which the application servers are deployed.

For example, integrating data from the SNMP by MIB monitor can help determine problems with the infrastructure on which the application server runs. SiteScope forwards data on groups, monitors, and measurements. Diagnostics can read the data sent from SiteScope and present the data in its reports and graphs.


The data that SiteScope sends to diagnostics is displayed in the Diagnostics External Monitors
view group. See "Viewing SiteScope Data in Diagnostics" in the Integrating SiteScope with HP Diagnostics for information on this view and on configuration.

System Requirements
  • SiteScope 10.00 and later
  • Diagnostics 8.x, 9.x and later

This integration is metric based, sampled in XML, and transmitted via HTTP as BAC/BSM integration.


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   A direct link to the HP Diagnostics User's Guide can be found here:
General customer documentation, as well as earlier versions of the above guides, can be found in the SSO website:

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