Synchronize ALM defects and SAP Service Desk support messages, and manage them from either system.

To enable this integration you need to have:

  • HP and SAP licenses
  • EI (Enterprise Integration) extension installed on the ALM server and enabled for the ALM project
  • Configured communication ports configured in solution manager and associated ALM/SAP projects
  • Field mapping between the systems using the ALM Field Mapping dialog box


Leading Product:
Application Lifecycle Management

Secondary Product:
SAP Solution Manager



For more details, refer to the HP Enterprise Integration Module documentation at  in the HP ALM Help Center.

Customers can access and download all documentation from here if they have valid ALM/Quality Center SAID.

Support Matrix

  SAP Solution Manager
Application Lifecycle Management
Comments:   Requires minimum ALM 11.00 patch1, and EI 2.6 or EI 2.7.
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported