This out-of-the box data integration imports HP Storage Essentials(SE) data into Executive Scorecard.  The data is then combined with other data sources, transformed, analyzed, and loaded as metrics on a series of Executive Scorecard tables.

The SE data includes utilization vs. allocation, Storage path compliance and Critical storage events data and is used to build key performance indicators (KPIs) for an executive level view of the organization.

The section below lists the KPIs that display the data extracted from the data source and provide a description of the KPIs and the business motivation for each KPI.

% of Storage Utilization Metric

  • Business Questions: The motivation for measuring this KPI is to receive an accurate measurement of the utilization rate of storage. If the storages are not utilized enough, it can provide a cost reduction opportunity. If they are over-utilized, it can imply that further investment is required.
    This allows the CIO/VP to verify how much capacity is used for SAN
    attached storage.
  • Business Objective: Reduce Cost
  • Description: The total storage system capacity that is in use relative to the total storage system capacity.
  • Context: StorageManagement
  • Data Sources: AWS, VCM

Average Number of Storage Paths Metric

  • Business Questions:-
  • Business Objective:
  • Description: The average number of storage volume paths in the environment.
  • Context: StrageManagement
  • Data Sources: SE

 Number of Critical Storage Events KPI

  • Business Questions: This use case would allow the CIO/VP to see what critical issues need urgent attention. This may allow doing some high level event analysis to see the impact of downtime, or service interventions needed.
  • Business Objective: Reduce Risk
  • Description: List of storage events from storage devices, with critical or major severity.
  • Context: StorageManagement
  • Data Sources: SE

Storage Path Compliance KPI

  • Business Questions: This allows verifying data redundancy/availability in the SAN
  • Business Objective: Reduce Risk
  • Description: The total storage volume paths in the environment where the paths to a particular storage volume meet
    the minimum standard relative to the total storage volume paths in the environment .
  • Context: StorageManagement
  • Data Sources: SE


Leading Product:
IT Business Analytics

Secondary Product:
Storage Essentials




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