HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) provides portal and publishing capabilities to the HP Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) user interface.


The CSA-CDA integration adds a simplified, more consumer-friendly end-user experience for non-design / administrative tasks, such as:

  • Provisioning / deprovisioning platforms, as well as performing actions on them
  • Deploying / undeploying applications, as well as performing actions on them
  • Managing builds and lifecycles

Using the CSA portal offers the user a simplified, user-friendly and intuitive way to address these functionalities.

The high level workflow follows:

  1. The CDA Designer develops application and platform topologies.
  2. The platform and application topologies are published from CDA to CSA.
  3. A service offering is created on the CSA side and is published in the catalog.
  4. The service is consumed by the end user.




Leading Product:
Continuous Delivery Automation

Secondary Product:
Cloud Service Automation


Support Matrix

  Cloud Service Automation
Continuous Delivery Automation
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported