This integration provides a bi-directional interface to exchange defects and requirements between Service Manager (SM) and Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). As the service provider, SM provides the most intimate contact with the customer and efficiently reconciles and resolves the demands placed within itself. Also, SM tightly couples the ALM requirement management with the defect management capabilities within SM.
This integration synchronizes SM Change or Problem with ALM Defect or Requirement for record creation and update, including the following scenarios:
  • SM Change -> ALM Defect
  • SM Change -> ALM Requirement
  • SM Problem <-> ALM Defect **

** SM Problem -> ALM Defect is a new feature in v1.02


Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides OTA (Open Test Architecture) API which supports external accessing to ALM on Windows platform. There is already an adapter shipped with ALM Synchronizer which is to connect ALM endpoints.
Micro Focus Service Manager (SM) supports Web Service interface which can be used by external system to pull data from and write back to Service Manager. We can expose SM data via WSDL configuration.
ALM Synchronizer is a data synchronization tool developed by ALM team. It connects two endpoints and synchronizes data between them. Two ALM synchronizer adapters for SM/SC are to be developed by this solution. These adapters are designed only for this very special integration purpose and MUST NOT be used in generic data synchronization between ALM and SM. Both adapters access SM via Web Service interface. As a deployment requirement, SM must expose WDSLs for its change management and problem management. Each adapter must support incremental synchronization. SM/SC entity has a system field called "sysmodtime" which records the modified date of an entity. Adapters can then add "sysmodtime" in its query to SM Web Service in order to retrieve a sub set of entities which are modified before/after a certain time.



Leading Product:
Service Manager

Secondary Product:
Application Lifecycle Management



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ALM Synchronizer:

Integration reference information is available as follows:
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Support Matrix

  Application Lifecycle Management
Service Manager
Comments:   with ALM Synchronizer 1.4
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