The Operations Bridge Analytics integration for vCOps provides metrics integration from your vCOps environment to Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA). The OBA integration for vCOps provides you with out-of-the-box templates.

Note: Although VCOPS 5.8 has not been officialy certified, there are no known issues that prevent it from being used with OBA 3.x.

This OBA integration for vCOps enables users to collect monitoring information for vCOps from Operations Connector for use with Operations Bridge Analytics. The metrics collected are:


In addition the node name and the related CI are collected.

Prerequisite is a correctly set up BSM Connector for VMware vCenter Operations Manager 2.0  (along with BSM Connector version 10).



Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Analytics

Secondary Product:
VMware vCenter Operations Manager



Documentation for this integration can be found at HPE Operations Analytics Integration with vCOPS


Support Matrix

  VMware vCenter Operations Manager
Operations Bridge Analytics
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