VMware is leading cloud vendor in private cloud market (vCenter), HP Helion is very popular as an open source cloud solution, and then it takes high priority inside the HP Company.  In order to enhance the existing ITBA cloud solution and aligned with the other products in the cloud bundle solution.

It is an opportunity to integrate vPV(Virtual Performance View) as a data source, because vPV has already integrated with vCenter and HP Helion, then ITBA can get vCenter and HP Helion's data through vPV.

The new integration for vPV will bring vPV's usage and utilization info.

 General Feature Description 

In general, the VPV content pack will support the following functionalities:

1. New "Resource Usage and Utilization" Report (shared with Azure)

2. Store vPV's detail usage info in the existing "Service Provider Billing" entity

3. Store vPV's detail utilization info in the existing "Service Provider Utilization" entity 

4. Store vPV's VM info in the existing "Node" entity

5. Build the connection between CSA subscription and the real vPV usage 



Leading Product:
IT Business Analytics

Secondary Product:
Cloud Optimizer (vPV)



Documentation for this integration can be found using the following links: 

Support Matrix

  Cloud Optimizer (vPV)
IT Business Analytics
Comments:   10.0 Support CO (previous VPV) with Content Pack 003
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported