This integration enables users to collect ArcSight Logger data for use within Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA).

Note: As of OBA version 3.0, ArcSight Logger is no longer distributed or licensed as part of OBA.  Logger is available for purchase as a standalone product from Micro Focus.

Note: Although Logger version 6.51 was only certified with OBA 3.04, there are no known issues that prevent it from being used with OBA 3.03 or OBA 3.02.


Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Analytics

Secondary Product:
ArcSight Logger



To find more documentation on this integration, please go to and select "Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA)", then the appropriate OBA version. Go to the "Integrate" tab or link, and click on "Integrate Arcsight and Splunk log data with OBA".

Direct link for OBA 3.03 

Direct link for 3.02

Direct link for 3.01

Direct Link for 3.00

Support Matrix

  ArcSight Logger
Operations Bridge Analytics
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported