AppPulse Trace is free and available in one click for Web customers. Applications are automatically imported from Web to Trace after integration.
Web Applications can also be created, modified and deleted from Trace.
AppPulse Trace will complete the server side monitoring, for client side monitoring products in suite, like Web.
Web - Trace Integration enables the drill from Web Pages / Ajax Calls/ Ajax Errors in Web, to AppPulse Trace, to see details of the backend aggregated data, which helps in troubleshooting faster.
Drill from the server time information to AppPulse Trace, also can be done to see back-end server information.
By monitoring web page performance through Trace, E2E isolation for any performance or stability issue in the client side/ Web Applications can be done easily.


Leading Product:
AppPulse Web

Secondary Product:
AppPulse Trace



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