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Known issues

This release has the following known issues and limitations.

Important UCMDB Browser 11.0 works only with UCMDB server 11.0.

ID Issue

(Internet Explorer 11 only) When using Internet Explorer 11, only one UCMDB Browser widget can be added to the UCMDB Home landing page. Otherwise, UCMDB Browser might get stuck due to memory leaks.

Workaround To add more than one UCMDB Browser widget to the UCMDB Home landing page, use a different supported web browser.


When hovering the mouse over the label of a CI in the Topology Map, the tooltip with the full name of the Display Label attribute is not displayed.

Workaround Hover the mouse over the icon of a CI.


After grouping the CIs in the Topology Map by CI Type, the magnification level of the Topology Map cannot be changed. Also, this applies to the dragging option too.

Workaround To change the magnification level of the Topology Map, or to be able to drag the view, make sure that the Layout Settings () is closed. Otherwise the view is set to Fit to screen.


When performing a search in UCMDB Home, after selecting a text string from the suggestions list, the top search bar field is not populated with the selected value.

QCCR1H116886 In certain non-English environments of UCMDB Browser, some strings on the UCMDB Home UI are not translated into proper languages.
QCCR1H118145 The date and time format is incorrect on the page where you edit UCMDB integration point population jobs in non-English versions of Integration Studio in UCMDB Browser.
QCCR1H118146 The date and time format is incorrect on the page where you edit the details of UCMDB integration point population jobs in non-English versions of Integration Studio in UCMDB Browser.
QCCR1H119893 The copyright message is translated incorrectly in some non-English versions of UCMDB Browser.

The text string "Total" is displayed in English in some modules in Korean versions of UCMDB Browser.

QCCR1H120506 In Brazilian Portuguese versions of UCMDB Browser, the localized name of the Smart Software Analytics module is displayed incorrectly on the UI.
QCCR1H120514 The final warning message that is displayed when a non-root user installs a Probe in non-English versions of UCMDB Browser on Linux is not translated.
QCCR1H120541 When you select an external module from the left-hand navigation pane in UCMDB Browser, the external module opens in a new tab but the original tab reverts to the Dashboard page incorrectly.
QCCR1H120545 The warning message that is displayed when you try to create an integration job with a name that includes special characters in non-English versions of UCMDB Browser is not translated.
QCCR1H120567 If you open a module in UCMDB Browser, log out, log back on, and then switch to another module, the menu for the original module is displayed incorrectly.

(Internet Explorer 11 only) Sometimes, the Widget Details mode of a CI is not loading on Internet Explorer 11 when using UCMDB Browser 11.0. This is caused by the Javascript Engine/JIT execution problem and it is an Internet Explorer known issue.

Workaround To view the Widget Details mode of a CI use the legacy mode of the UCMDB Browser.


UCMDB Browser does not work properly in a multi-customer environment.

Workaround None for this release.


"There is no data available for this report" message is displayed for individual default report widgets (such as Installed Software) on UCMDB Home. It is highly possible that the reports are querying over a large amount of data from the UCMDB server which exceeds the maximum number of elements allowed in view, and you may find "server view query over limit" error in log.

Workaround To resolve the display issue, go to UCMDB UI > Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager, locate the Maximum number of elements (nodes) in TQL result for view setting (default value: 30000) and increase its value to meet your need.


On Mozilla Firefox, the plug-in container for Firefox stops working and sometimes, when clicking Logout, nothing happens. This is a known issue with Mozilla Firefox ESR 38.4 (JavaScript garbage collection crash with Java applet).

Workaround Use a different supported Firefox version.


The language of the system categories is the one used when the UCMDB Browser is deployed. This is because the system categories are deployed only once, on the first login, using the current locale. On subsequent logins, the system categories are not re-deployed, so the name is not updated either.

Workaround To change the language of the system categories:

  1. Stop the Tomcat.
  2. Change the locale.
  3. Restart the Tomcat.

Note If you change the language, all the users that are connected to the same UCMDB Browser instance will view the system categories with the updated language.


LW-SSO fails to work with the new-ui dashboard when UCMDB Browser is accessed.

Workaround If you deploy UCMDB Browser in your own Tomcat, for Tomcat 8 the following line should be added to the <Tomcat_installation_folder>/conf/context.xml file:

<CookieProcessor className="org.apache.tomcat.
util.http.LegacyCookieProcessor" />

(Safari only) The export of reports/CIs/widgets in the PDF format does not work on Safari.

Workaround Check the address bar and if it is marked with Pop-ups blocked, allow the pop-ups for this site.


When a UCMDB server is reconfigured to use a new schema, the new schema has the OOTB packages deployed at the UCMDB server startup. If a standalone UCMDB Browser is already connected to the UCMDB server, the Browser's packages are not present in the new schema.

Workaround Restart the UCMDB Browser Tomcat in order for the Browser's packages to be redeployed on the new schema.


Sometimes, when SSL is configured and OpenJDK is used, the UCMDB Browser may become unresponsive. This is because the hand shake between the UCMDB Browser server and the browser client fails due to unnamed elliptic curve algorithm.

Workaround Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • If Tomcat is started by invoking .\ucmdbbrowser\bin\startup.bat:

    1. Create the setenv.bat file (if one has not already been created).
    2. Add the set CATALINA_OPTS="–" line to the setenv.bat file.

      Note If the variable CATALINA_OPTS already exists, just append the – value to the variable.

    3. Restart the Tomcat server.

  • If Tomcat is started as a service:

    1. Run the CMS-Browserw.exe file (or the tomcat7w.exe file).

    2. In the dialog box that opens, go to the Java tab, and add – in the Java Options container.

    3. Restart the Tomcat server.

QCCR1H107689 Currently it is not possible to load the federated CITs' icons from the remote server.

On Internet Explorer 11, sometimes the loading animations get stuck.

Workaround Restart Internet Explorer.


The port number of UCMDB Browser URL changes to 8143 when Configuration Manager 10.22 is connected to UCMDB Server 10.30, resulting that the UCMDB Browser is no longer available.

After Configuration Manager is installed, UCMDB Browser URL becomes https://<server name or IP address>.<domain name>:8143/ucmdb-browser/, which is the URL of the UCMDB Browser embedded in CM.

Workaround After Configuration Manager is installed, make sure you change the port number of UCMDB Browser URL from 8143 back to 8443 (go to UCMDB UI > Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager, locate the UCMDB Browser URL setting by searching Name with a keyword Browser, and then change the port number from 8143 to 8443 and save the change.


Sometimes, the export of a report fails with the following error message: "Cannot initialize class net.sf.jasperreports.engine.util.JRStyledTextParser".

Workaround Restart the UCMDB Browser server.


The View Discovery Log action in the Discovery Progress Widget is supported only with one of the following web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later versions, Google Chrome latest versions, and Mozilla Firefox latest versions. This is because Grommet does not provide support for other web browsers.


UCMDB Browser does not support the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) header in Internet Explorer for the widgets that can be directly embedded into Micro Focus Service Manager.

Workaround Follow these steps to open in the Internet Explorer the widgets that can be directly embedded into Micro Focus Service Manager:

  1. Assign the UCMDB Browser and the Service Manager to the same domain.
  2. Add the UCMDB Browser and the Service Manager in the hosts file.
  3. Configure the UCMDB Browser URL with a fully qualified domain name (FQDN ).

Currently, in the Get Related Map, the double relations between two related CIs are displayed as a single relation.

QCCR1H108187 Currently, when more than 1000 CIs are displayed in the Get Related Map, you might encounter a performance issue.
QCCR1H107420 To view the TQLs for SM widgets (Defects widget, Incidents widget, and Change Request widget) in UCMDB, go to the JMX console, set the value of the ucmdb_browser.query_services JMX method to true, and then restart the UCMDB Browser.
QCCR1H104887 To view the error messages related to probe's issues under Probe Errors discovery issues type in UCMDB Browser, after upgrading UCMDB to version 10.22, manually redeploy the AutoDiscoveryInfra package located in the <UCMDBServer>\content\basic_packages directory.
QCCR1H104553 There are times when a CI that is not visible in the Service Modeling map, has a Discovery Indicator. When this happens, the indicator appears on all the CIs that are in the map and have a direct or indirect link to the CI that is not visible.
N/A Currently it is not possible to create two service models with the same name in the UCMDB Browser, even if different tenants are used. This is because the Views that the service models use as resources must have a unique name.
QCCR1H99251 If accessing the UCMDB Browser from Configuration Manager, you might not be able to use a lot of features like Notification and Reports.

For exporting the Stakeholder widget, when the Person CIT has an avatar image set and the UCMDB Browser is behind a proxy, the exported document will not contain the avatar image, instead the default image is used for that person.

This is because the Java Environment on which the server runs cannot access the image. On the Web Browser, the configurations are set inside the LAN Settings, so the link can be accessed.


UCMDB Browser 4 may not load on Internet Explorer 9 or 10 when Check for newer versions of stored pages is set.

Workaround In case you use Internet Explorer 9 or 10, set Check for newer versions of stored pages to Automatically. To do that, in the Internet Explorer window, go to Tools > Internet Options > General, and then in the Browsing history section, go to Settings.

QCCR1H94718 Browser CI Access Control permissions only apply when a user is connected in Actual state.

If many users run reports simultaneously, and those reports contain many results, there will be increased memory usage on the UCMDB Browser web server (Tomcat or Jetty).

Workaround To decrease the load on the web server, do one of the following:

  • Increase the maximum heap memory size on the web server.
  • Decrease the session timeout specified in the web.xml file.
  • Set up high availability to spread the load over multiple UCMDB Browser instances. For more information, see Configure High Availability Mode.
  • Instruct users to log out after finishing to work with the UCMDB Browser.

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