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Upgrade the UCMDB Browser


  • You can upgrade UCMDB Browser to the version 11.0, only if the version of the UCMDB server is 11.0.
  • This section is relevant only for the UCMDB Browser standalone.

If you have a version of the UCMDB Browser that is older than the current version, you can upgrade to the latest version as follows:

  1. Unzip the file UCMDB-Browser-<version_number>.<build_number>-ucmdb-browser-standalone.zip to an accessible location:

  2. Stop the web application (Tomcat or UCMDB Server).

  3. Clear the user preferences for the users that have scheduled reports as follows:

    1. Go to JMX Console > UCMDB-UI:name=User Preferences > clearUserPreferences.

    2. In the user name field, enter the user's name.
    3. Click Invoke.
  4. Delete the old ucmdb-browser.war file from <Tomcat installation path>\webapps. Also, in <Tomcat installation path>\webapps delete the ucmdb-browser folder.

  5. Copy the new ucmdb-browser.war file to <Tomcat installation path>\webapps.

  6. Copy the necessary update resources, depending on the type of installation you have, as follows:

  7. Read the release notes for the latest version to determine which features and functionality you want to use and update your Browser settings accordingly.
  8. Open the ucmdb_browser_lwsso_config.xml file in the \conf folder, and replace the following lines:



  9. Check if the following lines exist in the <Tomcat installation path>\conf\context.xml file, and delete them:

            <JarScanFilter defaultPluggabilityScan="false" />
  10. Start the Tomcat server.

All features and functionality from the previous installation are active in the new installation, as well as the new features and functionality for the latest version.