Release Highlights for Universal Discovery Content Pack 27.00 (CP27)

Updated May 2018

  • New discovery:

    Kubernetes Discovery

  • Added support for discovering the following application version to the existing discovery jobs:

    • Microsoft Message Queue 6.0, 6.3
    • OpenStack Pike
    • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Integrations:

    • Added support for integrating the following application versions to the existing integrations:

      • Micro Focus Network Automation (NA) 10.50
      • Micro Focus Network Node Manager (NNMi) 10.50
    • Added a new attribute discoverDeviceGroup to the Pull Topology from Network Automation adapter. This attribute indicates whether to discover Device Group CIs. The default value is true.

      You can now pull LastSnapshotAttemptDate from NA to UCMDB. For details, see How to Pull LastSnapshotAttemptDate from NA.

    • Added a new parameter deleteRelations=false to the file of the Data Push into Atrium adapter. By default, UCMDB deletes CIs and their connected relationships. If this value is set to true, UCMDB supports the following two scenarios:

      • Deletes CIs and their connected relationships
      • Deletes relationships only

    • Enhanced ServiceNow Integration Using Enhanced Generic Adapter as follows:

      • Added support for the referenced topology, referencing topology, and relationship-based topology
      • Added Jakarta supportability
      • Improved usability

      For details, see ServiceNow Generic Adapter Enhancements in CP27.

Previous Versions:

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