Client customization reference

The following user interface labels can be customized in SRC client customization file, which you can find in the following default location:



  • In this example path,the xx placeholder represents the language code of your installation.
  • For any custom property file, we recommend that you use Unicode encoding for any non-English characters. English characters in a non-English resource files will render in plain text as expected.


Suppose you want to change the default "Dashboard" label in the following screen shot to say "Welcome":

To implement this change, follow these steps:

  1. In the file, locate the following UI text label key: =  Dashboard
  2. Change the "Dashboard" value to "Welcome" and then press CTRL+C to copy this line.

  3. Paste the line into the custom properties file:

  4. Restart the Service Request Catalog service.

You Service Request Catalog should appear as follows:

Note If the label has not changed, clear your browser cache and then restart Service Request Catalog service again.