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Universal CMDB System Architecture

The following diagram provides a graphical overview of the Universal CMDB system architecture:

Universal CMDB

Universal CMDB (UCMDB) consists of a rich business-service-oriented data model with built-in discovery of configuration items (CIs) and configuration item dependencies, visualization and mapping of business services, and tracking of configuration changes.

UCMDB implements data model, data flow management, and data modeling capabilities, and also provides impact analysis, change tracking, and reporting capabilities to transform CMDB data into comprehensible, actionable information that helps answer critical questions and solve business problems.

Universal Discovery

Universal Discovery software, with rich and constantly updated content, is UCMDB's preferred method for acquiring and maintaining the IT. With both agentless and agent-based discovery capabilities, Universal Discovery can discover infrastructure, network, and inventory assets.

Universal Discovery is partially enabled by installing the Data Flow Probe which directly communicates with the UCMDB server.

Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager introduces new policy-based topology and inventory configuration governance. Created specifically for configuration managers and configuration owners, it provides the required tools for easily setting up both topology and inventory configuration policies, and automatically determining their level of compliance to organizational standards.

Configuration Manager is deployed as an additional Tomcat-based server. It communicates with the UCMDB server using the extensive UCMDB SDK.

UCMDB Browser

UCMDB Browser is the lightweight, web-based user interface for UCMDB with improved user experience and ease-of-use. With capabilities that were previously available through the UCMDB admin UI only, the UCMDB Browser provides quick access to and simplifies administrative and integration management of UCMDB.

The UCMDB installation includes the .war file for the Browser which is automatically installed on the UCMDB server and on the Configuration Manager server. For configuration information, see the Universal CMDB Browser Online Help. The Browser can also be installed separately for better capacity and functionality, such as enabling multiple UCMDB support. For installation instructions, see the Universal CMDB Browser Online Help.

Smart Software Analytics (SSA)

Smart Software Analytics (SSA) automatically teaches unrecognized software by intelligently using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technology. With SSA, you can have an autoteach.zsai file automatically generated, as scheduled, from the unrecognized files in the scan file. This could significantly raise recognition ratio. In addition, you will have a monthly KPI report on how much work SSA has done that month, for example, number of processed scan files.