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The following table lists all items that were deprecated or fully removed, together with any items that are no longer supported, since the last release.


Deprecated since version


DDMI 10.32

The committed support for DDMI ended on December 31, 2016. Therefore, 10.31 is the last version of UCMDB to support the DDMI migration. Starting with version 10.32, the DDMI migration functionality is no longer supported and in version 10.33 it is officially removed.

Important Before upgrading to version 11.0, make sure you remain at version 10.31/CP22 (or earlier) while you finish migrating DDMI to Universal Discovery. Do not upgrade to version 11.0 until after you have completed your DDMI migration. If you need the DDMI Migration tools, they are still included and supported in 10.31/CP22.