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Fixed Issues

The following table lists the defects that were fixed in UCMDB and UD 11.0.

CR Module Problem Solution



Authorization The UCMDB Server stops responding due to a cyclical dependency in LDAP groups. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H116397 CM You cannot log in to the Configuration Manager UI with AD credentials. The Configuration Manager UI is accessible only after successful authentication to UCMDB. This issue is fixed with changes related to HTTP and HTTPS forward URL parameter.
QCCR1H116630 CM You cannot delete an integration job because its name contains a forbidden character (for example, a period). All characters in the job name are now validated when the integration job is created.
QCCR1H117999 CM You cannot generate the Master Key by using a JMX method. The JMX method is now fixed.
QCCR1H116744 Documentation After upgrading UCMDB from version 10.30 (or earlier) to 10.31 (or later), LDAP authentication fails and users cannot log in to UCMDB. Provided detailed troubleshooting steps and solutions for hybrid user management issue with LDAP authentication. For details, see Troubleshooting Hybrid User Management - LDAP authentication.
QCCR1H118989 Documentation Discovered attributes can be updated manually, which causes problems with reports because UD does not restore the attributes back to their real value.

The following limitation was added to the product documentation:

Discovered attributes should not be updated manually. If someone modifies an attribute manually (which was already populated by UD), that value will not be restored the next time the CI is re-discovered if the actual attribute did not change physically.

QCCR1H118987 Documentation

The Universal CMDB Developer Reference Guide contains the following text:

Generic adapters packages can be found in one of the following two locations:

  • Generic XML push adapter: hp\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\content\adapters\
  • Generic web service adapter: hp\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\content\adapters\
    web-service-pushadapter. zip

However, there are no such files in that location.

The text is updated to the following:

Generic adapters packages can be found in the following location: C:\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\content\

QCCR1H119870 Documentation This is a request to improve documentation for needed steps when using custom attributes. Currently when user adds a custom attribute on the BusinessApplication CI, edits a couple search files (Indexer, Parser, and Ranking), then enables the Enhanced Search feature and re-indexes everything, the search result returned does not include the custom attribute that the user added. Added the How to Configure Custom CI Types or CI Attributes for Enhanced Search topic into the "UCMDB Server Administration" of UCMDB online help and also the "Search and Search Engine" section of the UCMDB Browser Help.
QCCR1H117162 Enterprise Readiness The ODB service on the primary DPS server is restarting frequently. Fixed the issue by upgrading dataDirect drivers.
QCCR1H117729 Enterprise Readiness When you install UCMDB by using the suite admin UI, you cannot configure an external Oracle database if that database already contains UCMDB schemas. This issue was fixed by adding limitations to the schema scope.
QCCR1H119392 Enterprise Readiness Multiple versions of UCMDB and Probe software are incorrectly listed in Windows Programs and Features on the server. Additionally, an "out of memory" error occurs when you try to uninstall the server by using Uninstall_UCMDBServer.exe. This issue was fixed by increasing the java heap size in Uninstall_UCMDBServer.lax.
QCCR1H114765 Integration Data push jobs are not executed to schedule. For example, a full push for BSM is delayed for more than two hours. Additionally, you receive many "OutOfMemory" error messages. This issue occurs because the TQL state machine gets stuck. This issue is fixed by resetting the stuck TQL state machine and restarting the calculation.
QCCR1H116387 Integration When data is pushed from UCMDB to UCMDB, push_back_global_ids creates duplicate links. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H117739 Integration You cannot open Integration Manager and receive an "An error occurred…" error message. Additionally, a Null Pointer Exception error is written to the error.log file. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118623 Integration A lot of CIs/relationships get deleted during UCMDB-UCMDB synchronization, even though the sync jobs are configured not to delete CIs/relationships. The Automatic Deletion feature works for discovery jobs only, not for integration. The enhancements implemented to the AM integration auto deletion feature are not for all use cases. So make sure you disable auto deletion for integration, otherwise it may break the integration logic.
QCCR1H119266 Integration The UCMDB10x Adapter does not support the "Enable reporting of empty values" option. Therefore, null properties are not pushed when the adapter is used to perform a live push job. The UCMDB10x Adapter now supports the "Enable reporting of empty values" option.
QCCR1H114384 New UI Package Manager in UCMDB Home creates package content overviews that use an incorrect date and time format in the "last modified time" field. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H116002 New UI UCMDB Home does not work in ITSMA. This issue was fixed by pointing the UCMDB_GENERAL_UCMDB_EXTERNAL_URL environment to the Server home page.
QCCR1H117936 New UI UCMDB Home does not load. This issue is fixed by adding the "%" character as a safe character for ESAPI cookie validation.
QCCR1H117935 New UI UCMDB Home does not work embedded Fixed the issue by performing REST authentication if the browser does not have login cookie.
QCCR1H118093 New UI Modified adapter package files are incorrectly moved to the "No Package" package. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H115919 Platform After you perform an upgrade, UCMDB data acquisition startup fails, and you receive a "NullPointerException" error message. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H117916 Platform When you use historyService.getChanges to retrieve all changes with the REMOVE_RELATION or ADD_RELATION change type, results are also returned for both types incorrectly. This issue is fixed by updates to HistDalGetHistoryChangesCommand and HistDalGetRelatedCIHistoryEvents.
QCCR1H118157 Platform The UI is inaccessible after the server starts due to "the master key is not set" errors. This issue can be fixed by running specific keytool commands to reset the keystore and trustore password.
QCCR1H118649 Platform Every hour a NullPointer exception is written to the cmdb.operation.log file. This issue was fixed by resolving a parsing issue in the cmdb.reconciliation.audit.log file.
QCCR1H119096 Platform

The showAndRebuildMissingIndexes JMX operation reports that the IX1_CDM_DEFECTSFI_xxxxx index is missing but does not rebuild it. The following error message is displayed, however the JMX operation is displayed as if it ran successfully:

Cannot create an index on column A_FILTERTEXT of table CDM_DEFECTSFILTER_1 because its size exceeds the maximum of 900

The maximum length for string type attributes in the database index is now increased to 1000.
QCCR1H119269 Platform

When you use the Java API-based getAvailabilityMetrics method on the Reader server when the Writer server is down, an exception that resembles the following is returned:

com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.base.HARemoteServerNotResponding: Remote server [Writer] did not respond

This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H119401 Platform

One server in a cluster reboots every few minutes, and an error that resembles the following is generated:

Cannot unmarshal instance of class com.hp.ucmdb.entities.urm.resource.xml.XmlUIUserPreference

The default value of the escapeSpecial characters flag in the DynamicSettings plugin for URM is changed to "true".
QCCR8D97241 Reconciliation When a list of interfaces with different Mac Addresses sent from OA, and InfraMP to UCMDB/RTSM, interfaces are not reconciled in single scan.

By default UCMDB sorts and merges bulks based on IDs during reconciliation, so that TempObjects would always be the last ones to update a property. However, when you have too many bulk CIs (or duplicated CIs in bulk) for merge, sorting IDs of these CIs may impact performance. In this case, you can disable sorting of IDs during merge.

To do so, invoke the UCMDB:service=Settings Services > setSettingValue JMX method with the name setting to reconciliation.sort.merge.bulk.ids and value setting to false.

QCCR1H92305 Server

You cannot access the UCMDB server after deploying a CUP when DB Mirroring is enabled, and you receive a message that resembles the following:

Can't execute statement [ALTER DATABASE HPUCMDB SET SINGLE_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE], due to exception: java.sql.SQLException: [mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]The operation cannot be performed on database "HPUCMDB" because it is involved in a database mirroring session.. The exceptions in the chain: Cause (1): java.sql.SQLException: [mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]The operation cannot be performed on database "HPUCMDB" because it is involved in a database mirroring session.

This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H111878 Server Running the Population job is causing performance issues. Fixed the issue by implementing a code change to avoid the null pointer exception error.
QCCR1H116844 Server stopHistoryDB does not stop HistComplementLayoutPerClass operations. Therefore, you cannot stop history queries and reports may take a long time to run. stopHistoryDB now stops HistComplementLayoutPerClass operations as expected.
QCCR1H117172 Server There is no way to retrieve the list of changes to classes and attributes in the Class Model. This issue was fixed by adding a new JMX method (getClassmodelChanges) to the classmodel service.
QCCR1H117211 Server An "[ErrorCode [2] Couldn't connect to database]" error is written to the log files and you have to restart UCMDB. This issue is fixed by setting the locale directly in the code.
QCCR1D240690 Server When the super integration user password was changed from Vault, the file holding the credentials for the UI servers was not updated. The UI server now takes the super integration user from Vault and updates the file at startup.
QCCR1D240693 Server Licensing does not work in the HCM suite. The method that the suite uses to retrieve the environment setting is changed.
QCCR1H117822 Server Running a baseline takes a long time when HDML tables with many CIs are created. The baseline for HDML tables is improved by running DB statistics before the HDML table is created.
QCCR1H118248 Server Numerous "Cant find completed event in table ***" error messages are written to the error.log file. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118282 Server UCMDB consumes 100% of the CPU after a restart, and you cannot access the UI. The method by which the persistency and session is checked for each logged user is improved.
QCCR1H118583 Server If two listeners are registered and then you unregister one of them, the remaining listener no longer receives notifications. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118715 Server The modifyCompositeIndexes JMX method omits the CDM_ROOT_LINK table to drop or to create composite index. The CDM_ROOT_LINK table now has the correct index based on the modifyCompositeIndexes JMX input settings.
QCCR1H118763 Server When you run consistency --preview, one of the queries runs for more than one hour and times out. The SQL query for the "getLinksWithInvalidEnd1OrEnd2ByCDM" step is now updated.
QCCR1H119632 Server The UCMDB UI is not accessible and a " Too many open files errors" error is written to the log files. A code fix prevents this issue from occurring.
QCCR1H119431 Supportability

After you run the runSupportHandlersForAllCategories JMX method, the DiscoveryProcessingStatistics.xls worksheet contains only the following message:

No data was read/exist in the reconciliation.audit.log

This issue occurs because an NPE occurs when the runSupportHandlersForAllCategories JMX method retrieves the DiscoveryProcessingStatistics file. The issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118051 Topology When you create a TQL, set "Chassistype is null", and configure error message to be displayed, you cannot save the TQL. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118496 Topology

A UCMDB-UCMDB sync fails, and an error message that resembles the following is generated:

Unable to calculate Query [...] result in source UCMDB after 200 seconds jvm 1 | com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.base.CmdbException: [ErrorCode [-2147483648] undefined error code]

This issue was fixed by addressing a TQL issue.
QCCR1H118481 UCMDB Browser You cannot connect to the UCMDB Browser fail in HA mode through an F5 load balancer. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118954 UCMDB Browser When a user logs in to UCMDB for the first time by using LDAP case-insenstive mode, UCMDB creates a duplicate user in the user and group module. To force a user to log in with the correct case, set Is case-sensitivity enforced when authenticating with LDAP=True in the LDAP General category in the Infrastructure Settings Manager in UCMDB.
QCCR1H117937 UCMDB Search Engine The search mechanism does not work in UCMDB Browser 4.12. If you upgrade UCMDB from a version earlier than 10.31 to 11.0, you must manually remove the search folder from the UCMDB installation folder because SOLR was upgraded to version 6.2.1 and the configuration files no longer match. If you are using standalone SOLR, you must upgrade to version 6.2.1 and use the configurations from UCMDB 11.0, which corresponds to SOLR 6.2.1.
QCCR1H118846 UCMDB Search Engine The documentation does not describe how to deploy a SOLR HA cluster based on zookeeper. Added a new topic How to deploy Solr HA cluster based on Zookeeper to the UCMDB Server Administration section of the UCMDB Help.
QCCR1H70822 UI The UCMDB Deployment Guide states that "The LDAP server must reside on the same subnet as all the HP Universal CMDB servers." Actually it is possible to have UCMDB servers and LDAP server in different subnets.

Removed the following statement from the document:

The LDAP server must reside on the same subnet as all the HP Universal CMDB servers.

QCCR1H101882 UI The Class Model page is not displayed when you click Help -> UCMDB Class Model, or when you click UCMDB Class Model on the login page. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H116079 UI When you try to delete discovered Windows CIs, the operation fails and you receive a "Deletion Operation Failed" error message. A relevant log message is added that describes the root cause when the operation fails because the DEPEND_END data item from the RECURSIVE_DELETE qualifier is missing.
QCCR1H116681 UI It is not possible to select Package Role Assignments in UCMDB 10.32. Fixed the issue by implementing a code change so that now Package Role Assignments can be selected.
QCCR1H117589 UI On some LDAP servers, user authentication fails every time. This issue was fixed by changing the query to find the user during LDAP authentication to not ask for the 1.1 attribute (which causes some directory servers to return an empty result no matter what other attributes were specified).
QCCR1H117599 UI LDAP users cannot access the Server Status page. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118160 UI The Save button in the Package Manager module is grayed out. This issue is fixed by adding an additional refresh of the resources after adding the listener.
QCCR1H118758 UI When you create scheduled reports by using an LDAP account, the report does not run as scheduled. This issue does not occur if you log on as the sysadmin user. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H119055 UI You cannot install UCMDB 10.20 on a Windows Server 2012-based machine. This issue is fixed by closing port 5005.
QCCR1H119054 UI When you try to upgrade from to UCMDB 10.33, the UCMDB_Server_10.33.120.exe file does not run correctly and a "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded" exception is generated in the "installer" thread. This issue can be fixed by running a command to reset the JVM memory.
QCCR1H119213 UI

When you change the master key, errors that contain the following text are written to the logs:

...496 ERROR ... - Authenticating user: UISysadmin failed. The user repository: UCMDB is not configured. ...497 ERROR ... - User name or password are wrong - failed to login on UCMDB

This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H119589 UI

You cannot run the UCMDB Server Configuration wizard (config.bat) and an exception is thrown. This issue occurs when all the following conditions are true:

  • The system was upgraded from a 10.x version of UCMDB.
  • The keystore or truststore password retrieves the default password.
  • The Configuration wizard connects to several databases.
This issue occurs because the wizard cannot retrieve the keystore password. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H115569 Universal Discovery Scheduled reports cannot be generated in UCMDB because there are unsupported characters in CI attributes. Scheduled reports can now be generated in UCMDB if there are unsupported characters in CI attributes.
QCCR1H115567 Universal Discovery Scheduled reports are not triggered in UCMDB. Scheduled reports can now be triggered in UCMDB.
QCCR1H116447 Universal Discovery You cannot filter out potential IpAddress CIs that are based on IPv6 addresses. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H116859 Universal Discovery Deadlocks occur on the CCM_DISCOVERY_RESULTS table after you change the discovery schedule to every other day. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H116994 Universal Discovery When normalization rules are applied at the end of the discovery execution, CI CITs may be updated, but they are not also updated in the comm log as an end1/end2 CI, or as a root_container CI. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H117248 Universal Discovery After you sort the Workflow Information list, the incorrect detailed information is displayed when you select an item. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H117516 Universal Discovery Discovery jobs fail and a "No credential found for the triggered IP" error is written to the Communication logs after you upgrade the Probe from 10.31 to 10.33. This issue was fixed by printing server timezone in the log file.
QCCR1H117823 Universal Discovery When you open the AM-UCMDB integration point, open an out-of-the-box TQL or View, and then click Calculate, you receive a "General Integration Error HP AM" error message. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118228 Universal Discovery A probe database deadlock causes UCMDB-NNMI pull integration jobs to fail during a delta sync. The database deadlock issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118331 Universal Discovery If you open a Query in the Query Editor within the Integration Studio and click OK, the query reference disappears from Modeling Studio. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H118464 Universal Discovery Triggers cannot be deleted from CCM_DISCOVERY_DESTS_RESULTS. A SQL issue is fixed so that triggers can now be deleted.
QCCR1H118565 Universal Discovery The nohup command generates log files for the bin/scansched file (an executable file of the Scanner Scheduler service), even when the scanner has no errors. The "nohup" output is now written to NULL.
QCCR1H118795 Universal Discovery

Smart Software Analytics (SSA) periodically generates the following error message and then restarts:

OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded due to an improper scheduler

This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H119093 Universal Discovery The communication log file for the "J2EE JBoss by shell" job is corrupted. This issue is now fixed.
QCCR1H119706 Universal Discovery You cannot deploy a CP by using the UI, and an "out of memory:metaspace" error occurs. The maximum size of the Metaspace memory is now set to 512 MB.