Release Highlights for CMS 2018.05

Updated May 2018

This release improves the data quality of your CMS by enabling you to analyze data-in using the reconciliation analyzer. It also presents you with the UCMDB Local Client tool, which enables you to launch the administrative GUI of a target UCMDB server as a desktop application, without the need for the Oracle JVM installed on that desktop, and the tool is available for use on all supported versions of UCMDB.

Other items that are introduced in this release are:

  • Administration and supportability

    • Introduced new security mode with AES 256 encryption for better data security
    • Added support for SAML authentication on CMS UI. Additionally, SAML logout is enabled on UCMDB Server and on CMS UI
    • Added capability for creating a custom login splash screen

    • Added capability to enable sending integration reports via emails for easy monitoring integration status and troubleshooting integration issues
    • Improved the ability to troubleshoot issues with integrations by adding the capability to generate separate log files based on the integration point names
    • Extended support matrix coverage: CentOS 7.4 for both UCMDB server and Data Flow Probe, PostgreSQL version 10.3 for UCMDB server and UCMDB Integration Service
  • Improvements to the CMS UI landing page

    • Expanded search capability to include basic reports
    • Added 3 out-of-the-box (OOTB) reports: Network Devices, Storage Devices, and AWS CLOUD
    • Capability of hiding out-of-the-box (OOTB) widgets and editing widget header
  • Discovery Content and Integrations

    • New discovery:

      • Kubernetes Discovery: Discover information about Kubernetes Cluster and the topology of Docker instances managed by this cluster.
    • Updated versions for discovered applications:

      • Microsoft Message Queue 6.0, 6.3
      • OpenStack Pike
      • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    • Universal Discovery Inventory

      Enhanced the Inventory Discovery by Scanner and Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner Deployment jobs to properly discover Visual Studio edition on Windows platform.

    • Universal Discovery Agent: 

      • Added support for the AES 256 encryption mode
      • Added a UD Agent command line parameter --version to return the version number of the installed UD Agent in your environment.
    • Integrations

      • Added support for integrating the following application versions to the existing integrations:

        • Micro Focus Network Automation (NA) 10.50
        • Micro Focus Network Node Manager (NNMi) 10.50
      • Enhanced the Pull Topology from Network Automation adapter by introducing a new attribute discoverDeviceGroup

      • Enhanced the Data Push into Atrium adapter to allow UCMDB support deleting CIs and their connected relationships or deleting relationships only

      • Enhanced ServiceNow Integration using the Enhanced Generic Adapter with improved usability, support for Jakarta and Kingston, and support for flexible deployment by adding methods of referencing ServiceNow data in UCMDB

Previous Versions:

Getting Started with CMS 2018.05

Version 2018.05 of the Micro Focus Configuration Management System consists of Universal CMDB 2018.05 (UCMDB), Universal Discovery 2018.05 (UD), and UCMDB Browser version 2018.05. Version 2018.05 is released in the same time frame with Universal Discovery Content Pack 26.00.

Universal CMDB (UCMDB) consists of a rich business-service-oriented data model with built-in discovery of configuration items (CIs) and configuration item dependencies, visualization and mapping of business services, and tracking of configuration changes. UCMDB implements data model, data flow management, and data modeling capabilities, and also provides impact analysis, change tracking, and reporting capabilities to transform CMDB data into comprehensible, actionable information that helps answer critical questions and solve business problems.

Universal Discovery software, with rich and constantly updated content, is UCMDB's preferred method for acquiring and maintaining the IT. With both agentless and agent-based discovery capabilities, Universal Discovery can discover infrastructure, network, and inventory assets. Universal Discovery is partially enabled by installing the Data Flow Probe which directly communicates with the UCMDB server.

CMS UI is the lightweight, web-based user interface for UCMDB with improved user experience and ease-of-use. With capabilities that were previously available through the UCMDB admin UI only, CMS UI provides quick access to and simplifies administrative and integration management of UCMDB.

Documentation Library

The Configuration Management System (CMS) Documentation Library provides download links for all Universal CMDB documents of 10.00 and later releases, and all UD Content Pack documents for CP11 and later releases, available on the Software Support portal (SSO), including all CMS documents for the most recent releases.

You can use this library to access any of the guides and release notes relevant to UCMDB version 10.00 or later, and UD Content Pack 11 or later, or to download the full documentation set as a bundle.

Video Library

CMS feature demo videos are available on the Documentation Portal.

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