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Disaster Recovery

The hot-standby configuration gives you passive recovery on a disaster. It is extremely critical for the database to have the best recovery method. The UCMDB just needs to connect to the database.

Note The version of the hot-standby server should be exactly the same as the Application server version (or CUP version).

CMS Architecture

Disaster Recovery Process

For UCMDB version 10.01 and later, you can install a new production-like UCMDB instance of the same version and connect to the production database by using the connection wizard. Then you can set up your disaster recovery strategy for the databases.

For UCMDB version 10.00 and earlier, follow the process below:

  1. Execute the SQL statements:

    Update CUSTOMER_REGISTRATION set CLUSTER_ID=null; truncate table CLUSTER_SERVER; truncate table SERVER; truncate table CLUSTERS.

  2. Connect the hot-standby server to Database by using the connection wizard.
  3. Re-connect all the probes to the hot-standby server.