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How to back up the Data Flow Probe

  1. Stop all probe services of the server you need to back up:

    Note If, after performing the backup, you plan to install the restored probe on a machine different to the original machine and you are using agent-based discovery, you must configure the host name of the restored probe as a secondary call home address before you start the back-up procedure.

    • Stop the UCMDB Probe service.
    • Stop the UCMDB_Probe_DB service.
  2. Back up the whole C:\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\ folder.

    Although, when restoring the Data Flow Probe, you will not need all of these files, we recommend keeping a full system backup of the Data Flow Probe installation folder because of various customizations you may have in your system.

  3. On the server that you backed up, start all probe services:

    • Start the UCMDB Probe service.
    • Start the UCMDB_Probe_DB service.