What's new

Universal CMDB version 11.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Starting with version 11.0, the UCMDB Browser version is aligned with UCMDB and UD.

  • Log in updates

    Starting with this release, when you access UCMDB Browser, the UCMDB Home landing page is displayed. You can still access the UCMDB Browser legacy mode from the UCMDB modules list. For detailed information about UCMDB Home, see the Universal CMDB Home Guide.

  • New modules in the UCMDB Browser offer capabilities that were previously provided using the UCMDB admin UI, with improved user experience and ease-of-use

    • The new Resource Manager module enables you to search for and graphically consume various resources in one place
    • The new Integration Studio module allows you to manage UCMDB integration points more easily and “at-a-glance”
    • New map view with comprehensive CI and CI topology browsing capabilities, and in-map navigation
  • Modules from the legacy UCMDB Browser now available in UCMDB Home

    • Probe Dashboard. Opens the Probe Dashboard module
    • Reports. Opens the existing Reports module from the legacy UCMDB Browser
    • Service Modeling. Opens the existing Service Modeling module from the legacy UCMDB Browser
    • UCMDB Browser. Opens the legacy mode of the UCMDB Browser
  • Enhanced and expanded search capability

    The new top search bar enables you to quickly locate different types of resources. You can search from the following categories:

    • Configuration Item. Allows you to search for a CI. The search results are opened directly in the UCMDB Browser.
    • Queries and Models. Allows you to search for queries and models. The search results are opened directly in the Resource Manager module.
    • Views and Reports. Allows you to search for views and reports. The search results are opened in the Resource Manager module or in the Topology Map.

  • The new license report is accessible from the UCMDB Browser

    You can easily access the new UCMDB license report from the new UCMDB Browser (Help > About > LICENSE).

  • Other general improvements

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