Tenant Owner Related Known Issues, Problems, and Workaround

PROBLEM: After switching to Tenant aware reconciliation, the OwnerTenant attribute becomes read-only in the Configuration Item Properties dialog.

Workaround: Use Assign Tenants functionality from the CI’s context menu.

PROBLEM: After removing the Key Attributes qualifier from the OwnerTenant attribute of the Managed Object, sometime no properties are displayed for the CIs in UI.

Workaround: If you want to switch back (to disable Tenant aware reconciliation), do the following:

  1. Remove the ID_ATTRIBUTE qualifier for the TenantOwner attribute on the managed_object CIT.

  2. Remove the value of the reconciliation.tenantaware.citypes setting.

  3. Reload the class model from persistency (go to the JMX console > UCMDB:service=Class Model Services, and invoke the reloadClassModelFromPersistency method).

  4. Go to JMX console > UCMDB:service=Model Services, invoke the recalculateID method with classname field empty.

  5. Go to JMX console > UCMDB:service=Model Services, invoke the updateClasModel method.

LIMITATION: Enrichment is not invoking the Reconciliation on Update OwnerTenant via Associate Tenant Rule. As a result, you may have duplicated data in the system in case if you update the OwnerTenant's CI to a tenant that already has this CI.

Workaround: None.

LIMITATION: CIs with Identification rule would be duplicated in case if the user is updating the OwnerTenant CI to a tenant that already has this CI from Update OwnerTenant in the Assign Tenants module.

Workaround: None.

PROBLEM: When adding Consumer Tenants to a CI, the System Default Tenant appears in the list of Consumers after saving, even if it was not selected. This issue occurs only when changing the Owner Tenant or the Consumer Tenant.

Workaround: None.

PROBLEM: When removing all Consumer Tenants from a CI (from the IT Universe), an error is thrown and the Owner Tenant is overwritten with the System Default Tenant.

Workaround: To avoid removing the System Default Tenant from the Consumer Tenants list, make sure you set the System Default Tenant as consumer.

Only when the System Default Tenant is not set as consumer, the Owner Tenant will be overwritten with the System Default Tenant when trying to save.

PROBLEM: Error message received when setting up a tenant aware environment, for the OOTB enrichments which are adding CIs. (QCCR1H104949)

Workaround: If there are enrichments which are creating new CIs, after setting the environment as tenant aware, the attribute Owner tenant should be set for those CI Types which are being created through enrichments.