The REST API can be configured by modifying the file, which is located in the <UCMDB_Server_Home>/conf/ folder.

The available options and default values are as follows:

#hostname of ucmdb server
#protocol to be used when connecting to ucmdb server(http or https)
#port of ucmdb server
#default ucmdb customer
#rest authorization token lifespan
#root context of ucmdb server, just in case it is set


  • If the file is not present in the above location, the REST API uses these default values.
  • When configuring the root_context property, if the URL is as following: https://localhost:8443/root_context/example, then the root_context properly value is root_context/example.

The REST API supports the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. You can choose a protocol by changing the value of the Rest-Api Port Mapping setting, which locates under UCMDB UI > Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager > Web Components to Connectors.


  • There is a global limit of 15 requests/second for all the REST endpoints.

    All the REST endpoints for the Changes Repots (/changes/*) are limited to 5 concurrent requests.

  • Input dates checking validates the date interval that is sent to the rest-api/changeReports endpoint, namely the dateFrom and dateTo fields of the request body:

    • The dateTo field value can no longer occur 5 days after current time in the future.
    • The dateFrom field value cannot occur after dateTo.
    • The dateFrom field value cannot be longer than (UCMDB setting, default value 3) months in the past.