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Infrastructure Requirements

The performance of UCMDB Server, Data Flow Probe server, and UCMDB database server is critical for running CMS operations successfully.

UCMDB Server
Deployment CPU RAM Disk Space
Small 4 cores 16 GB 60 GB
Standard 8 cores 32 GB (for 40-60 million CIs/relationships) 80 GB
Enterprise 24 cores

32 GB (for 40-60 million CIs/relationships)

64 GB (for >60 million CIs/relationships)

100 GB


Data Flow Probe Server
Deployment CPU RAM Disk Space
Small 4 cores 12 GB 100 GB
Standard 8 cores 16 GB 200 GB
Enterprise 16 cores 24 GB 300 GB

Note (Second probe only) When installing a second Data Flow Probe on the same Windows server, you may need to double the resource requirements listed above.

Right Sizing CMS Database

Choosing the right database based on the enterprise requirement will help you understand the max limits we have on the total number CIs you can discover with respect to different RDBMS options we have. Check the Universal CMDB Database Guide to right size your CMS database.

Database Maximum # CIs and Relationships
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition x64 -

150 million CIs and relationships

MS SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition x64 - 12.0.2000.8 125 million CIs and relationships
PostgreSQL 24 million CIs and relationships

For an enterprise grade customer, It is recommended to use physical database servers with 24 Cores and 64GB RAM.