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Transparent Technology and Virtualization Support

In recent years, a number of “transparent” hardware and software technologies and virtualization solutions (such as Citrix, Microsoft Cluster Software, and VMware) have become increasingly prevalent. These solutions operate in the technology layers adjacent to the operating systems or, in some cases, as extensions of the operating systems. Similarly, database solutions offer transparent components as supported elements.

supports Universal CMDB running on operating systems and databases on particular platforms as described in the matrix above, not specific hardware and software configurations. will support Universal CMDB customers who run software products on supported operating systems and databases, irrespective of whether they are running transparent or virtualization solutions in their environment. does not support these transparent or virtualization technologies directly. Since the providers of these technologies support a set of certified operating systems and hardware, the customer and the providers of these technologies will be responsible for any interactions or issues that arise at the hardware or operating system layer as a result of their use.

will not require customers to re-create and troubleshoot every issue in a non-transparent environment; however, does reserve the right to request that its customers diagnose certain issues in a native certified operating system environment without the transparent technology. will only make this request when there is reason to believe that the environment is a contributing factor to the reported issue.

While Universal CMDB is expected to function properly with these transparent technologies in place, there may be performance implications, which can invalidate ’s typical sizing and recommendations. Analysis must be performed within the context of the specific application to be hosted in a virtual environment to minimize potential resource overload, which can have significant impact on performance and scalability, particularly under peak load.